20140926 Expect apology from PAP MP Intan? Wait long long

The PAP doesn’t seem to understand that it needs to have closure on the ‘mistakes’ made by its MP Intan Mokhtar.

Citizens have been questioning Intan’s support for Yang’s PR application. Instead, Straits Times reframes the issue into whether Intan had known Yang personally in “MP Intan Azura Mokhtar says she does not know Yang Yin personally”.

Whether Intan had known Yang personally or not is irrelevant to her support for Yang’s PR application. It is not possible for an MP to be personally acquainted with the thousands of constituents who seek help. The fact is she wrote a letter of appeal for Yang to the ICA.

Intan now claims she did so “only at the behest of Madam Chung” and when Madam Chung first saw her and sought her “help in May 2011 … for her grandson”.

Intan disingenuously portrays the issue as one of helping a fellow Singaporean (wealthy) by saying “If Mr Yang had come to me, I wouldn’t be able to help him because he’s not a Singaporean”.

Now, if the job of an MP does not require any ‘due diligence’ to be conducted or even common sense, then any Ah Kow or Ahmad could become an MP, no need for a doctorate degree. Is an MP merely an undiscerning ‘forwarder’ of appeal letters to the relevant authorities? Dr Intan seems to think so by not being upfront and pretending her IQ is sub par.

Obvious questions not obvious to Intan (and her grassroots):

Why was a childless, octogenarian, citizen grandmother sponsoring a foreign grandson’s PR?
– Weren’t ICA reasons valid when Yang’s PR application was rejected?
Why did Intan support Yang who was ‘employed’ by a shell company set up by himself?

Intan did not conduct any due diligence but simply acted as a ‘forwarder’ not knowing head or tail. While the ICA could have rejected the appeal, being a politicised institution, there was pressure to accede to requests from lawmakers. Her action has now affected citizens’ perception of the ICA.

There are thousands of cases of spouses of Singaporeans whose PR applications have been rejected by the ICA. Has Intan or any PAP MP written successful appeal letters for their constituents in such cases? If so, why does the ICA need to create a new “LTVP-Plus” category for them while approving PR for foreigners who have no intention of sinking roots in Singapore?

With regard to deletions from her Facebook page, Intan blames it on “the staff administering the site”. Recall during the last GE, a comment was posted on fellow PAP MP Tin Pei Ling’s Facebook. This led to a complaint to the Elections Department by the NSP. Tin brushed it off as “an honest mistake” not made by her of course.

Intan goes a step further and has outdone “hearts and minds” winner Tin because there were no “honest mistakes” – Intan has disowned every mistake.

And the winner of the “hearts and minds” contest is …. Tin Pei Lin

Image credit: ST

The rest of the ST article is an assault on common sense.

Citizens expect MPs to be upfront but taking ownership of any mistake has been an impossible task for the PAP. Each time an “honest mistake” occurs, the PAP points the finger at others, goes into PR overdrive using our government-controlled media and issues self-insulting statements. All of us are imperfect but the PAP is different.

Since PAP MP Intan has not acknowledged any mistake on her part, one can only expect to ‘wait long long’ for an apology. A simple issue has been mishandled and Intan is now a huge liability to the PAP.

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