20140925 MP Intan now a huge liability to PAP and taxpayers, likely to be removed

PAP MP Intan’s conduct is unbecoming of an MP. MP Intan made several ‘mistakes’ by vocally supporting a PRC grassroots parasite, Yang Yin, who:

– dishonestly claimed he was a director of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce

– claimed he had graduated from a prestigious Chinese university which, in fact, is non existent

– set up a company and paid himself a salary in order to obtain an Employment Pass.

Grassroots parasite and PR, Yang Yin, is now the subject of police investigations and out on bail.

Image credit: The Straits Times

On 8 September, PAP MP Intan was quoted as saying Yang “doesn’t hold a position” in grassroots. However, it has now been confirmed that Yang was an “Integration and Naturalization Champion as well as a member of the Jalan Kayu Neighbourhood committee”.

On 9 September, it was reported that Yang had resigned from his grassroots leader position on 5 September. So how could a person without a position in an organisation resign? Intan should have known better and if she had been misquoted, she should have clarified with the Straits Times immediately. But it turned out it wasn’t even Intan’s error!

Finally on 17 September, 9 days later, ST reported they were “sorry for the error”. Was it really ST’s error? The public will never believe despite our media’s 150th WPI ranking. Any press which takes 9 days for a simple clarification would have gone out of business years ago. Yang came to Singapore in 2009 and managed to get his PR within a relatively short span of 2 years. Foreign spouses of Singaporeans, even those who have heeded the PAP’s message and given birth, takes much longer for their PR application to be approved. The question naturally shifted to whether if Yang had the support of MP Intan in his PR application.

Intan, and the PAP, has wrongly assumed silence will somehow be accepted. If Intan was instrumental in Yang getting his PR, it would also mean she had indirectly allowed a foreign scumbag to infiltrate PAP grassroots, hurt and cheat an elderly Singaporean and suka-suka appointed grassroots without any background checks. This would also mean her local grassroots knew nothing about Yang.

Yang has to be ‘somebody’ in the grassroots to be photographed on a number of occasions with PM Lee and MP Intan. Can you imagine someone with a fake degree, fake credentials and a shell company obtaining a US green card being photographed with President Obama? This apparently only happens in Singapore. What Yang has done confirms the entire PAP machinery has been sleeping – from the ICA, MPs to PAP grassroots leaders. What about loopholes in the legal system which has allowed a local octogenarian to be conned by a foreigner?

Instead of addressing the issue, Intan (and the PAP) pretends none exists and has even set her Facebook profile to ‘private’. Do Singaporeans want an MP who goes into hiding when confronted with a problem? Aren’t tax dollars wasted on MPs like Intan? Many Singaporeans are disgusted with the conduct of PAP MP Intan and frustrated when a respectable (used to be?) PAP MP insists on silence instead of clarification.

Some netizens are mocking the GRO Adviser in Jalan Kayu.

PAP seems intent on losing Ang Mo Kio GRC at the next GE with PM Lee shooting himself in the foot in a lawsuit against an unemployed (presently) ordinary citizen. Citizens are determined to put a stop to bullying tactics by politicians.

Ten months ago, another supporter of Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Inderjit was in the limelight for all the wrong reasons but, unlike Intan, Inderjit clarified with the public:


Issues cannot be simply wished away or swept under the carpet. We are no longer living in the past where information was monopolised by the ST. Intan and the PAP should not ignore the internet because facts cannot be hidden for long. The internet also ‘remembers’ everything, including Inderjit’s supporter.

In a previous blog post, I had thought the PAP would only attempt to distance itself from its grassroots parasite. However, Intan’s silence has begun to raise doubts among citizens about the quality of PAP MPs. It seems the PAP may also have to distance itself from Intan to salvage whatever little left of its reputation.

The PAP can pretend all is well but Intan’s issue will certainly surface at the next GE. Like it or not, Intan has now become a liability to the PAP, worse than Tin Pei Ling. If Intan doesn’t resign or is not removed (sacked), without doubt, the ‘not kayu’ Ang Mo Kio GRC electorate will take action against the PAP at the next GE..

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  1. James says:

    Hahahahaha…. I love the way you put it, Phillip. But hey, you’re absolutely right!!!

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