20130717 Is this PAP’s long term planning?

From: phillip ang
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Subject: 20130717 Is this PAP’s long term planning?

Would like to share some thoughts from my blog.

Another article on elderly cleaner in 2008 by a well respected blogger @ http://singaporemind.blogspot.sg/2008/04/elderly-cleaners-in-singapore.html

At every food court, shopping mall, hawker centre etc. we see lots of elderly cleaners. Probably in the Guiness world record.
Most foreigners are shocked by such a sight, including those from less developed countries but government has normalised the situation.

Our highly paid civil servants and politicians continue their ‘service’, oblivious because these places are for ordinary Singaporeans. Probably at some posh restaurants being served instead.

Whoever was in charge, there has been no accountability. Their numbers seem to be increasing and the government must be patting themselves on the back for being able to render more and more assistance?


Most of the elderly cleaners are in their seventies.

This is tough work which I had suggested to Lim Swee Say to try it out as the union chief to understand issues first hand.
Some understandably had their working hours reduced from 9 to 6 hours.

The sight is the same at hawker centres.
The government has been long on talk but short on solutions for years. The only way might be to have a minister put his parents in their shoes.
They just keep talking and talking and in the end, who is accountable? Nobody la.

Government insists on productivity and so on a busy night at IKEA, crockery could number in the thousands. Still working damn hard after diners have left.
Understandably, they were not in the mood for a chat. Some politicians like to talk about a gracious society. Ordinary people define this as bullshit.

This aunty (below) is in her eighties. Is the PM going to tell her that being poor in Singapore is “less badly off than in any other country in the world”?
I feel a lot of MPs are really useless when these sights have been normalised through inaction or incompetence. What message does it send to the younger generation?

Instead of addressing this issue, NTUC reframes it into one of providing assistance, more laughable when English courses are conducted for their benefit.
“Some think that being a cleaner is a job with few career prospects and low skill levels. But Mr Kwek Kok Kwong, chief executive of NTUC LearningHub, said: “We believe in helping to strengthen our Singapore core of workers, regardless of age and educational background.” http://www.edvantage.com.sg/edvantage/news/news/1836380/Older_cleaners_give_back_to_school_programme_a_tick.html
So this problem has been reframed into one where the solution is to provide language skills support? Come la, what kind of an idiotic statement is this? So give them some token like a certificate after finish English proficiency course? A $10 increment per month enough for 2 meals?

English course can improve their welfare meh? The joke becoming bigger when the government continues ignoring the elephant in the room.

Instead of trying to improve their lot, they are still being squeezed till their last drop for our GDP growth before they drop?

MPs with their fat paycheck, courtesy of taxpayers, continue to be asleep on issues and there is simply no accountability.

How is it possible that those who helped build our foundation have this sort of ending?

This is really a great shame for Singapore.

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2 Responses to 20130717 Is this PAP’s long term planning?

  1. James says:

    Totally agree with you, Phillip. Like you, I feel very angry and ashamed of our government. Problem is, our government has no shame at all!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who just open their eyes will see the rot that has set in. These overpaid mandarins will turn the real problems of the less fortunate into a linguistic exercise. You and others like Roy, Alex, and Gilbert, will be angry and depressed with this state of affairs. The mandarins will continue to ignore you. The WP is nowhere to be seen. And you have V.Balakrishnan more concerned about the F1 than about the haze affecting the health of the citizens. Despite all the sound and fury about the ratification of the haze treaty, the matter has not gone beyond the letter writing stage. Time for change.

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