20140912 Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Intan clueless about foreign grassroots parasite

Thanks to social media, Singaporeans are now aware that PAP members could likely be local leeches or foreign parasites. In the incident involving an Ang Mo Kio GRC grassroots leader, Chinese national Yang Yin, PAP MP Intan immediately jumped to his defence without knowing the facts. But as a member of PM Lee’s Ang Mo Kio GRC, Intan should really have known better.

Just 10 months ago, another active PAP member had accused a Singaporean taxi driver of bumping into her car. Fortunately, there was video evidence to proof otherwise. Video link Back to the issue of Yang Yin. Intan claims Yang Yin “does not hold position” in grassroots but was somehow active and had the privilege of being photographed with her and PM Lee on a number of occasions.

If Yang Yin did not hold any position in grassroots, how did he “resign from grassroots” after a police report was filed by SCCCI against him? Hmm.. are Singaporeans expected to believe any Ah Beng and Ahmad can just walk up to PM Lee and have a photo taken simply because one is helping out in PAP grassroots organisations? Or perhaps Intan wants to distance herself from the Chinese parasite? Besides the police report filed against Yang Yin, the ICA is also investigating Yang Yin for allegedly obtaining his PR by dubious means. In the latest ST report, Yang Yin has apparently downgraded from his $30 million bungalow to a 5-room flat in Toa Payoh.

Yang Yin leaving ‘his’ $30 million bungalow with some belongings.

Photo credit: ST

As far as the PAP is concerned, Yang Yin is ‘finished’. The PAP will now simply try to distance itself from such an embarrassment, rope in the Ass Tee for PR and pretend everything is OK. The 2 high-profile cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Over the years, the PAP has managed to attract mostly parasites and leeches as grassroots leaders. It’s time for PM Lee to seriously review its selection process to prevent such dubious characters from becoming grassroots leaders, especially in PM Lee’s GRC. Clueless MPs, like Intan, would do well to simply shut up instead of speculating on dubious characters.

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4 Responses to 20140912 Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Intan clueless about foreign grassroots parasite

  1. Xmen says:

    The reason that you have 3rd rate grassroots leaders and 2nd rate MPs is that no capable Singaporeans want to be associated with the PAP. PAP has to resort to oversized monetary incentives to attract talents to fill their ranks and maintain their power. This is not sustainable and not good for the country.

  2. KKLow says:

    What to do when one enters from the political back door?

  3. joker says:

    Well Yang is not the first nor will be the last case where PRs are dished out to without a valid or transparent criteria. I have seen true foreign talent working over 12 years here as CEO here being refused PR and a PRC lady who gave me the best blow job getting one within 2 years. Well the moral of the story is that if you cannot give a good blow job just join the grassroots, its the same.

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