20140901 CPF issue -where is SDP’s presence at Hong Lim Park?

I refer to “SDP: SGs don’t want handouts, just what belongs to them”.

Like other opposition parties, the SDP has highlighted several relevant points on the CPF issue. But by making statements after statements, the SDP has reduced its role to that performed by bloggers and netizens. We have already seen the effectiveness of Hong Lim Park protest rallies but why are politically parties shying from them?

Opposition parties have also been ineffective in getting Parliament to address the CPF issue which has affected hundreds of thousands of retirees for years. The protest rallies with concerned Singaporeans ie Roy, Han Hui Hui, Leong Sze Hian, Ariffin Sha, etc speaking on the issue have raised more questions than all the elected MPs had.

Opposition MPs should acknowledge their collective failure by working with concerned Singaporeans instead of feeling ‘pai seh’ with their absence from Hong Lim Park rallies.

By the way, it is not only the SDP but other parties as well, especially the WP which could have mobilised its supporters for a record turnout.

It appears opposition parties do not wish to be perceived as weak, requiring politically-unaffiliated members of the public for assistance. This is a wrong view.

The CPF issue cuts across political affiliations and concerns ALL CPF members. It therefore requires every concerned citizen to be on board as no single political party will be able to go it alone against the mighty PAP.

A record turnout of, say, 10,000 at Hong Lim Park will be reported in international media and put pressure on the PAP government not to continuing tweaking a failed system. Even though the SDP does not have any presence in Parliament, it will still be able to claim credit for having stood up for CPF members. Citizens are aware of Parliament’s failure on this issue.

There has been a lack of opposition leadership on the CPF issue. Having credible members in the SDP and highlighting relevant points only ‘on paper’ is insufficient to effect changes in a country dominated by one political party.

Opposition MPs did not make the PAP government sit up on the CPF issue. Credit goes to the protest rallies at Hong Lim Park. Will the SDP take the lead and organise the presence of its supporters?

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