20140817 Goh Chok Tong living in la la land, more citizens have lost trust in PAP

If there’s a starting point when Singapore started going downhill, it was when Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, put out the red carpet for any foreign talent from any third world country. This coincided with an upside-down-cart-before-horse planning where the PAP woke up one day and realised infrastructures were needed to cater to a population increase.

Goh continues to dish out unsolicited opinions in CNA’s “ESM Goh worried people-govt bond “being loosened” in Singapore”. His present theory – a country’s success hinges on “having good leaders, good governance and good social cohesion”.

Good leaders – Good leaders are not afraid of transparency and accountability. PAP thrives on opacity and unaccountability. Plans which are frequently tweaked, almost every year, reflect poor foresight and incompetence of leaders. Good leaders ALWAYS put the well being of citizens above all else, country above self and that’s what they are supposed to do anyway. Our leaders prioritise their remuneration, profits and rich foreigners over citizens’ well being.
PM Lee even went so far as to say “Singapore belongs to all of us”, which includes “new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here”. Would any good leader tell citizens our country belongs to outsiders? Would President Obama or even PM Najib say foreigners own their countries?
Good leaders are not parachuted into political appointments based on academic excellence, many with zero relevant experience.

Singapore doesn’t have good leaders.

Good governance – It appears Goh is living in la la land. How can our politicians and politicised civil service which runs Singapore as a huge corporation be practising good governance? As is self evident, we do not have proactive leadership ie our leaders even need to experience severe shortage of public housing, transportation and hospital beds before taking any action. There are many other instances.

We do not have good governance.

Social cohesion – Our immigration policies are tearing apart our social fabric. Go to any HDB estate and you will find the different nationalities and races congregating among themselves. We have Little India branches in Simei and Tanjong Rhu and Chinatown has been extended to Geylang.
Social cohesion takes decades with incremental intake of foreigners. But PAP has allowed a planeload of foreigners into Singapore daily and assumed it can achieve social cohesion with its favourite shortcut – throw tax dollars to set up committees and councils and organise events to facilitate cohesiveness. This has evidently not worked but our highly paid minister’s excuse – it’s “a long-term process”. So no worries, in 2 to 3 decades time when present leaders are already dead and still no social cohesion, don’t blame them.

Social cohesion cannot be achieved.

The critical factor for any country to succeed is its people. The people define the country, not PAP. If citizens collectively chart our future and participate in the decision making process, we will support our leaders.

Unfortunately, our election rules aim to perpetuate PAP’s power and our leaders are not really elected by the people but selected from the PAP. The PAP deems it has competent leaders but its view is not shared by an increasing number of citizens.

Goh is right to be worried about “people-govt bond “being loosened” in Singapore”. Many feel we do not have good leaders, opacity and unaccountability is not good governance and our social fabric is being torn apart by PAP’s immigration policy.

Goh has also conveniently forgotten his promise of a Swiss standard of living some 20 years ago. Hmm…still not pai seh giving unsolicited opinion after failing to deliver.

It is wishful thinking for Goh to assume there will be people-govt bonding when the PAP has repeatedly turned a deaf ear to our issues and screwing up our lives in every imaginable way. Just for the sake of making profit.

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3 Responses to 20140817 Goh Chok Tong living in la la land, more citizens have lost trust in PAP

  1. Xmen says:

    Your last sentence “Just for the sake of making profit” pretty much summarizes what ills Singapore today. Many people are not sharing the growth in GDP except for the elites. It is telling when the ministers’ pays are pegged to the GDP and the top 1%. The bottom 20% have been left to fend for themselves and forced to accept third world country salaries.

    Even when Goh was the PM, Singapore had the worst brain drains among developed countries. Educated young people are leaving Singapore in droves and many of them will never return. Goh is preaching to the people who are still here but he is failing to address the root causes of people’s unhappiness. Why would anyone perpetuate the failed policies and expect a different outcome?

  2. Anonymous says:

    By opening his big mouth GCT forces the citizens to reflect on his tenure as PM. Promising them the Swiss standard of living gives a insight into what is really a mediocre intelligence. Asset enhancement is another root cause of the citizens’ misery. You cannot expect depth of thought from a PM who explains productivity by pointing to the popiah skin maker who makes more with experience. Can he escape blame for the serious lack of planning of the infrastructure to accommodate the hordes? He was in office with the grand title of Senior Minister and a Cabinet member until member. What did he say when that wretched Saw was appointed to head SMRT?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, typos. Read “an insight” and “until 2011”

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