20140813 GIC selective, publish minimal news on its website

GIC has shown a preference to publish as little as news as possible on its “Newsroom”.  There is no reason not to publish information which is already publicly available

August 2014

GIC did not publish a single news below on it website.

Instead, GIC published the following:

2 Aug – GIC delivers steady log-term returns over 20 years.
2 August – Feature article: Private Equity
1 Aug – Mr S Dhanabalan appointed as a director of the GIC Board

July 2014

GIC only published 20% of the news listed below. (29 July and 2 July)

June 2014

GIC published only the news on 23 June.

May 2014

GIC published only 30% of the news below. (2, 7 and 16 May)


For years, GIC has been very selective with the publication of news on its website. If GIC is not attempting to prevent CPF members and citizens from scrutinising its investments, why the minimal news on its website?

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