20140713 Has PM Lee ‘forgiven’ Roy?

The PAP has been tapping on a cheap source of funds, our CPF retirement savings, for investment and public housing. Transparency has remained an issue despite the recent parliamentary questions on CPF.

That MPs have suddenly woken up to festering CPF issues in parliament is due to Roy’s persistence in digging up facts concealed by the PAP for decades. The issue has now taken on a life of its own and more citizens are beginning to distrust an opaque government. It is clear PAP is clutching at straws to maintain opacity at GIC and there must be overwhelming reasons for doing so. It is not unreasonable to question if there are skeletons in GIC’s cupboard. Or perhaps cupboards of skeletons?

I was disgusted by PM Lee’s legal action and informed him that “Legal action not necessary to resolve issue, bad PR” on 20 May and “CPF issue and Roy Ngerng” on 25 May. PM’s father Lee Kuan Yew had resorted to legal action against his political opponents and bankrupting some. Senior Lee had even donated his winnings to charity.

Perhaps PM Lee had decided to follow in LKY’s footsteps? But does he really intend to create history by bankrupting an unemployed citizen, sue him for whatever little he’s got and donate to charity? It appears he may be aware of making himself an international laughing stock.

By now, Singaporean youths would have realised what a bully PAP really is ie using tax dollars for legal action against citizens. Is this democrazy or what? How did we end up in a situation where the most powerful man in our country sues an unemployed citizen? PAP’s high-handed tactics and abuse of power in the past must no longer be tolerated.


The injustice has got to stop or anyone of us may be the next target.

PM Lee has recently made an application for a summary judgement. This turn of events may mean Roy might have raised more than he requires as court costs have been overestimated.

We don’t know what has transpired behind the scenes. Perhaps PM Lee has sacked his PR who had shot him in the foot with the defamation suit? Or maybe he now wants to appear magnanimous and give Roy a ‘happy problem’ of having to return the substantial amounts raised to his supporters. But should events take a turn for the worse for Roy, CPF members should remember to continue supporting him.

The ongoing discussions and more transparency will greatly benefit CPF members and improve our CPF system.

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3 Responses to 20140713 Has PM Lee ‘forgiven’ Roy?

  1. James says:

    Well said, Phillip. But I seriously doubt he would do something to try and redeem himself. Bullies are not like that. They only know one thing – yes, bully!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You have to be scratching your head trying to figure out why they government maintains the opacity at GIC despite the obvious negative political consequences. I surmise that it could be due to Brunei’s contribution to its funds. You will remember that Brunei manages only 40% of its own reserves under the Brunei Investment Agency leaving the rest to be managed by others, including GIC through MAS. Another fact is the convertibility of our currencies. With the Brunei dollar at less than par all these years we could have been and continue paying a heavy price for these arrangements. It is a price the government is prepared to pay for political and military reasons.

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