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20140614 ‘World class’ public transport means having commuters from all over the world

Last month, PM Lee told Parliament that significant resources would be needed for a world-class public transport system. link PM Lee says we should “find right balance in cost-sharing” and the government will continue to “subsidise public transport costs” but … Continue reading

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20140613 PAP government must be upfront with the public on CPF and GIC

The Business Times published an infographics on “CPF: How it works” (9 June). This is a small step forward in educating the public but the government has yet to address the issue on transparency. In “CPF: How it ‘really’ works?”, … Continue reading

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20140611 Roy’s politically-motivated sacking and character assassination – TTSH TCSS

I read with disbelief the reasons given by Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) for firing its outspoken employee Roy Ngerng. According to its media statement, Roy’s “supervisors found that he was misusing TTSH time and resources to pursue personal and … Continue reading

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20140610 The CPF Minimum Sum 50% rubbish rule

All CPF policies are implemented by the PAP without any real consultation with citizens. CPF rules have been continually tweaked and is now too complicated for many CPF members to understand. One rule which has gone unnoticed is the Minimum … Continue reading

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2014069 Government awaiting CPF Valuation Limit time bomb to detonate

The CFP Minimum Sum (MS) time bomb set by the PAP detonated on 7 June at Hong Lim Park. Another PAP time bomb ie CPF Housing Valuation Limit (VL) looks set to go off soon if the government continues to … Continue reading

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20140609 No turning back after 7 June 2014

Accustomed to total control and little engagement for decades, the PAP appears unable to grasp the political awakening of Singaporeans. The mainstream media reported the 7 June protest as one which CPF members “called for the ability to opt out … Continue reading

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20140606 All concerned and affected citizens should attend #ReturnOurCPF protest rally at Hong Lim Park

According to the latest CPF statistics, there are 3.53 million members of which 1.88 million are active. Like it or not, the CPF Minumum Sum scheme affects EVERY member. The #ReturnOurCPF protest at Hong Lim park intends to send to … Continue reading

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20140606 CPF issue – our right and responsibility to demand transparency

The CPF issue concerns every Singaporean. Every citizen has to be concerned about the opacity and it is also our responsibility to demand transparency from the government. The issue of transparency must be resolved once and for all. 1 We … Continue reading

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20140604 Government must cease channeling billions into the CPF, GIC the only beneficiary

Whenever the PAP government talks about assistance schemes and benefits for citizens, what it really means is more money will be channeled into the CPF. The latest would be $4.5 billion worth of recommendations to ‘strengthen’ NS. “The S$3,000 at … Continue reading

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Multi-purpose CPF system is broken, needs urgent fixing

Our CPF is basically our retirement savings. Without transparency, it can only be assumed there is a huge shortfall and the government has desperately attempted to plug this by tweaking CPF policy to prevent members’ withdrawal. The CPF system is … Continue reading

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