20140606 All concerned and affected citizens should attend #ReturnOurCPF protest rally at Hong Lim Park

According to the latest CPF statistics, there are 3.53 million members of which 1.88 million are active. Like it or not, the CPF Minumum Sum scheme affects EVERY member.

The #ReturnOurCPF protest at Hong Lim park intends to send to the PAP a clear message that Singaporeans have had enough of arbitrary decisions, zero transparency and zero accountability. CPF retirement savings belong to CPF members and not the PAP. It is not for the PAP to decide how our retirement plans should be, disrupt them as if there was no consequence.

PAP’s total control over most aspects of a citizen’s life has conditioned many to believe that no change will come about even if they attend the protest rally. This defeatist attitude needs to be checked or it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We must not believe that our rights can only be reclaimed at the ballot box.

If Roy was a defeatist, do you think the government would have sat up and taken notice of the CPF issue which has shortchanged 3.53 million members? If Roy had waited till the next election and not spoken up, would CPF members have realised we have rights to object to how OUR CPF savings continue to be withheld in increasing amounts and invested in a totally OPAQUE manner?

Just for a moment imagine a turnout of more than 10,000. Would the PAP dare to continue to take CPF members for a ride? When the people stand united, every government will be afraid to even think of bullying any one of us or abuse its power. The door has been opened by Roy and it’s up to us to be unafraid to step out and reclaim our rights.

List of those who should attend

– Present retirees are the biggest group and are worst affected by the MS scheme. The hard-earned money belongs to you and the presence of your group in numbers will send a clear message to the PAP. Your MPs have proven to be hard of hearing despite this issue having been raised for years. Your MPs are not going to tell the PAP government to return your retirement savings to you. PAP MPs mostly support the PAP leadership blindly and help them to shove policies down your throat. If they had wanted to help you, they would have done so years ago. If you are interested in effecting changes and believe the CPF is YOUR money, you should put in some effort instead of mistakenly believing that someone else is responsible for you.

– CPF members who are retiring soon will stand to benefit most from a policy shift. Members who have children will also be helping them to secure their retirement. As adults, it is our responsibility to effect positive changes for the next generation. Do you want to continue with meaningless coffee shop talks? Do you want our children to suffer the same fate, look back and say that their parents sat on the fence when they were in a position to act responsibly?

– Children of less educated retirees owe it to their parents to educate them on their rights that CPF savings belong to their parents. If their parents are unable to attend, they should attend on their behalf. The 3 hours that you will spend at the protest will be an eye opener and this should not be too much to ask of you. After all, your parents have slogged 30 plus years for you and deserve their CPF retirement savings to retire comfortably or with less hardship. Many parents actually want to withdraw their retirement savings to fund their children’s tertiary education but are unable to do so.

– Citizens who have recently entered the workforce should be mindful that if the CPF MS scheme is not reversed and the PAP continues to treat OUR CPF as their kitty, the same fate will befall you. You are more educated and are also aware that, based on the projected MS requirement, you will have almost zero CPF savings for retirement. If you believe that Singapore is a wealthy country, then being forced to downgrade during retirement does not make any sense. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and what you will hear at the protest will free you from the mainstream media propaganda which you have mistakenly believed to be facts.

In short, the protest is for all concerned citizens who believe we have the right to make decisions for ourselves. We reject arbitrary decisions made by a handful of PAP politicians and strongly object to the opacity with regard to the manner of our CPF investments. Since our MPs have been napping in Parliament, we must act responsibly for ourselves and our children by attending the #ReturnOurCPF protest rally at Hong Lim Park. This is to send a clear signal to the PAP government that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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