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20140517 Thank you Young PAP

Dear Young PAP I am very disappointed to see brickbats thrown from Changi to Jurong at your latest hit “”. The criticisms leveled at you guys are unkind and uncalled for eg boring, insipid, wooden etc. The Singapore Kindness Movement … Continue reading

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20140515 How our CPF Ponzi scheme will end in tears for CPF members

The CPF was originally introduced by the British colonial authority in 1955 as a compulsory savings scheme to allow workers to save for retirement. Since the PAP took over the CPF after independence, there have been thousands of tweaks in … Continue reading

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20140514 SMRT should stick to core business instead of running shopping mall

Kallang Wave, the retail mall under the Singapore Sports Hub, will open in June. It is a joint venture between the government’s NTUC Fairprice and SMRT. This is yet another instance of the government expanding its business empire in its … Continue reading

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20140514 No breach of security measures? PAP MP Teo Ho Pin only fooling himself

Mystery deepens around the HDB roof vandalism case with PAP MP Teo Ho Pin claiming there was “No breach of security measures”. Maybe Teo wants the public to believe the 5 teenagers had undergone spider-man training courses. Teo is the … Continue reading

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20140512 Singaporeans must not accept PAP’s forced integration programme

The number of new citizens has doubled from slightly below 10,000 in early 2000 to an average of about 19,000 the last 6 years. The PAP has gone ahead with its population target, refusing any serious and meaningful debate in … Continue reading

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20140511 Vandalism law double standard

From: pipakh Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2014 1:17 PM To: PM LEE ; <a title=”willie_tan ; MINISTER SHANMUGAM ; <a title=”hock_yong_chew ; LUI TUCK YEW Cc: CIVIL SERVICE HEAD ; <a title=”choonhock ; CUE ; <a title=”bga336 ; INDERJIT ; … Continue reading


20140511 PAP should not allow foreigners to treat Singapore PR and citizenship like tissue paper

The PAP should not continue to give out Singapore citizenships and PRs freely. Since 2000, 10,000 PRs have left Singapore annually and an increasing number of new citizens have also left Singapore permanently; many using Singapore as a stepping stone … Continue reading

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20140510 ST was joking about Opposition Aljuneid GRC ‘warming to PAP man’

I refer to Ass Tee recent article “Opposition Aljuneid GRC ‘warming to PAP man”. For a newspaper which thinking citizens do not trust, the joke made my day. PAP’s Chua Eng Leong is the son of former cabinet minister Chua … Continue reading

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20140509 PM Lee should not bite the hands that feed him, time to have spurs stuck into PAP’s hide

In light of PM Lee’s increasingly pro-foreigner stance, more citizens need to start reminding him of his servant status before he convinces himself he has the right to lord over Singaporeans. The PAP cannot demand respect but needs to earn … Continue reading

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20140509 Vandalism – LTA needs to learn from Bishan Toa Payoh Town Council

I have been providing feedback to the government on rampant vandalism for about 2 years. The relevant authorities have all turned a blind eye to thousands of vandalised public structures island wide. Civil servants are simply ‘bochap’ because no one … Continue reading

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