20140517 Thank you Young PAP

Dear Young PAP

I am very disappointed to see brickbats thrown from Changi to Jurong at your latest hit “”. The criticisms leveled at you guys are unkind and uncalled for eg boring, insipid, wooden etc. The Singapore Kindness Movement has failed in its mission to instill kindness in Singaporeans.

I really admire your superb acting which I am sure by now you know the 1,000 thumbs down have made you more famous than our third rate Mediacorp actors. Since you have become overnight sensations, do expect jealousy amongst those who are unable to put up a false front.

Rumours have been circulating online that the director and scriptwriter of the YP video is none other than Dr Koh Poh Koon because your robotic actions bear an uncanny resemblance. Perhaps all of you also aspire to become a successful asshole surgeon and get the chance to be parachuted into PAP’s inner circle to serve citizens?

I can understand why Dr Koh has become your role model. From a nobody in politics less than 2 years ago, Dr Koh now has the undivided attention of our DPM. I suspect his influence has also caused the MDA to categorise a political film as non political.

MDA’s CEO Koh Lin-Net, a young civil servant who owns a $10,000,000 condo, was also rumoured to be related to Dr Koh. The rumour monger based his claim on both having similar family name and facial features. Another CSI netizen confirmed that OpenNet was selected for optical fibre installation because of the relation to Lin-Net’s name. Anyway, back to your video.

The video kicked off with Yishun YP requesting citizens to “have faith in our activists..”. You should honestly ask yourself who are you to ask citizens for complete trust? While I was enjoying your video with friends, I heard a friend laughed and said “wait long long” in response to Yishun YP’s request.
14 seconds into the video, the second group was really “wooden” and I am not really surprised because they were from Marine Parade. Some of my friends couldn’t stop laughing after seeing the oversized ‘guitarist’ standing on the right.
As for West Coast YP, the members appear to love mass reading. From Ang Mo Kio YP onwards, all the members seem naive to think that they can simply call on the party leadership to change. If this could be done, citizens would not have substituted ST for TOC, TRS, TRE, The Singapore Daily, etc.

The video ended with the question “if not us, then who?”. I have contacted “Just For Laughs” and after watching the video, they said they will be contacting Young PAP soon.

You know, this video has revealed numerous PAP local talents. Almost 100,000 would have seen this online video in a few weeks time and this is really quite an achievement and free publicity. Don’t take it too personal with comments such as “sad to see youths talking like parrots and reading scripts with bad diction and pronunciation”. Learn to look on the bright side – actually there are so few Singaporeans who have the ability to talk like parrots while having bad diction at the same time. You are unique.

Your video really made my day and it’s more entertaining than Just For Laughs. Perhaps some of you should consider switching careers to bring laughter to the world. Just a suggestion.

In appreciation, please watch to make your day.

Thank you.

Young PAP fan

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