20140514 SMRT should stick to core business instead of running shopping mall

Kallang Wave, the retail mall under the Singapore Sports Hub, will open in June. It is a joint venture between the government’s NTUC Fairprice and SMRT.

This is yet another instance of the government expanding its business empire in its greed for more profits. Private businesses stand no chance whenever the government dips its hand into business.

The SMRT has not been able to discharge its basic responsibility as a provider of public transportation. Its shoddy maintenance has led to a string of breakdowns and this looks set to continue well into the future.

Instead of concentrating on providing an acceptable level of service, SMRT’s businesses now include advertising consultancy, leasing, engineering consultancy, project management services, etc and has now found time to run a mall. In fact, if SMRT could, there is no end in sight to the number of its businesses. Public transport commuters have been shortchanged.

SMRT has been provided billions in tax dollars and it’s priority is to resolve all transportation-related issues, not branching out into another business. This is common sense. SMRT, under the leadership of an ex military personnel who has zero experience in public transportation, appears to have been as misguided as before.

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