20140511 Vandalism law double standard

From: pipakh
Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2014 1:17 PM
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Subject: 20140511 Vandalism law double standard

Dear PM Lee

I refer to my numerous feedback to the LTA on the rampant vandalism of public structures.
link link link

I am very disappointed that after 2 years of feedback, LTA still does not have a proper system of maintenance. What is going on at the LTA? Does it not matter that I have highlighted this issue to the MOT, the Minister for Law, AGO and even the PMO?

What is going on in the government? How is it possible a trivial issue has to be highlighted numerous times with no solution in sight?

On 7 May, the roof facade of Blk 85A (photo below) in Toa Payoh was vandalised. Officers from the CID and Tanglin Police Division immediately sprang into action, conducted investigations and arrested 5 teenagers within 2 days!

On the other hand, the government continues to turn a blind eye to thousands of vandalised public structures. This has been ongoing for years and has become acceptable. The media can confirm this for the government by visiting Pasir Ris Drive 1 and 3. Illegal adverts are found not in one corner of the estate but at prominent locations. They are in fact island wide. This clearly shows the LTA has neither discharged its basic maintenance responsibility nor taken my feedback seriously.

Just look at the thousands of illegal adverts in the vicinity of Aljuneid MRT station. (photos below) Do we really have a first world civil service?

In the Toa Payoh incident, the police had to conduct investigations and mounted an operation just to arrest five teenagers. In the case of Aljuneid, the police turned a blind eye for years although no operation was ever required as the contact numbers were provided on the adverts. (even MPs and grassroots pretended there was no vandalism)

Why the double standard? Is it due to the economic value of the advertisements? Since most adverts are real-estate related, mainly to serve PRCs, is the government being pro foreigner?

I would like to think only the LTA has been irresponsible and incompetent but there are vandalised structures belonging to other statutory boards.

The police have been turning a blind eye to rampant vandalism and will make a mockery of the law by charging the 5 teenagers with vandalism. I strongly suggest to the government to first find a permanent solution to a decade old vandalism issue as we do not want our law to be seen as having a double standard.

Please ensure our statutory boards implement a proper maintenance system and ALL public structures are not vandalised.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang

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3 Responses to 20140511 Vandalism law double standard

  1. phillip ang says:

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  2. name says:

    You mean double standard was when the police was able to catch the 5 boys soon after they painted the HDB on the roof wall, and they were not able to catch any of those who stuck those stickers on lamp posts or public control boxes, stairs, MRT pillar or even traffic light pole?.

    Perhaps the difference between the two is that those sticklers on lamp post or street light pole are harder to catch.

    There are easy way to solve them, since vandalism is also included of sticking of note or piece of on public area like light pole, lamp post, or lift door, or even MRT pillars, .

    The way to solve these stickers is very easy.

    The way is for the Police to engage the town council who can use their cleaners on the ground to take pictures of the various stickers that he found at the various locations of the ward.

    The pictures of the stickers were then sequenced in order to identify how many of the particular stickers were stuck on poles an pillars and stairways, etc.

    After the sorting out the variety of stickers they were pictured, the police will then phone the number of the person on the sticker.

    The ownership of the telephone number found the sticker will be deemed as the person responsible for the vandalism.

    In order to find out the ownership name of the phone number on the paper sticker, the police is the one who has the power to check the phone ownership with the telephone service provider.

    After the telephone service provider has provided their name of the phone number, the police can then call up the name of the person and ask him to report to the police station.

    If he fails to report, a letter of instruction to attend will be sent for his compliance. If he fails to attend again, he will be deemed to have refused to turn up for the reporting instruction at the station.

    When the owner of the phone turned up at the police station, the police shall then charge him for the vandalism.

    The person on the telephone number on the stickers is deemed as the perpetrator of the vandalism.

    A correction work order is then issued to him. He is then required to go for his “correction work order” to remove the stickers, and to wash and clean the residue paper that glued to the public items.

    After the correction work is done, the court will decide on a fine based the extent of the stickers found, and based on the difficulty of finding them, and based on the amount of duration of time involved in watching over his “correction work order” carried out, and finally, the performance of his “correction work order”.

    A court fine is required to be imposed for the first timer, and, for the second time, the fine is doubled, and third time, a jail term of 3 months is held.

    By this way, you can see, the owners of those stickers will not dare to print them and will not dare to anyhow let their printer who normally would employ other runners to do the distributing and sticking of paper stickers for them.

    By this, there will no more runners working for printers anymore. The person who engaged the printers to printer will then have to distribute themselves on their own at HDB letterboxes, in case, they will be made liable for the cleaning up and removal and a mandatory court fine incurred that will incur a jail term if occurred for the 3rd time.

    By this, the person can insure themselves by the ball to the owner of the printing firm that was responsible for their printing. The printing firm is then be made liable for damages if they were founf to have violated the vandalism problems.

    So, you can see here, the amount of work is very long and tedious. But it effective way to solve the sticking and defacing problem.

    • phillip ang says:

      If the police had wanted to resolve the vandalism issue, it would have done so a decade ago. Just call up the advertisers who are clearly challenging the government by advertising on public property. They are also able to identify the ‘service provider’.
      But these advertisements contribute to the GDP ie increase real estate transactions and so is in line with the government’s objective.
      Advertisers are also repeat offenders and they are clearly not afraid because they are aware the government will not take action on an issue which does not affect them one bit.
      The punishments you have suggested make sense but as you can see from the few emails I have written to PM Lee, our civil servants prefer the status quo to remain. Tackling the vandalism issue is not part of their KPIs and so the thousands of vandalised public structures will continue to be vandalised.

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