20140511 PAP should not allow foreigners to treat Singapore PR and citizenship like tissue paper

The PAP should not continue to give out Singapore citizenships and PRs freely. Since 2000, 10,000 PRs have left Singapore annually and an increasing number of new citizens have also left Singapore permanently; many using Singapore as a stepping stone to the US, Europe and other countries.

The PAP should also review its Foreign Sports Talent Scheme where foreigners are handed the Singapore passport without so much as making an attempt to integrate. Case in point are sporting talents from PRC who are unable to speak even basic English after living in Singapore for years. There is no reason for the PAP to make exceptions for PRCs.

After top ‘Singaporean’ table tennis players like Li JiaWei decided to quit Singapore after gaining valuable experience and million$, others are following suit eg the latest being top ‘Singaporean’ shuttler Gu Juan.

Li Jiawei cited her family in Beijing and so did Gu Juan. There is nothing the government can do as this is the price for taking shortcuts. Li, Gu and many others never had their hearts in Singapore and never will. We can’t really blame them as it is the PAP who treated the FSTS as mere “economic transactions”. The FSTS is a shortcut to instant sporting glory for the PAP. Most Singaporeans have never been supportive and I for one cheered for our opponents during every table tennis competition. Judging from their sporting success, China would be more than happy to have her talents back. Singapore has been made a fool.

We need not look further than our Asean member countries like Thailand where PR and citizenship requirements are as stringent as in Western countries.

Thai PR – In a country with a population 13 times of ours, it allows only 100 PRs from any one country per year. It does so to prevent its culture from being destroyed and PRs will then need to make the attempt to integrate. Despite costing about $8000, there are many applicants for the Thai PR.

Singapore – Thousands of PRs could be from the same country and approval is based mostly on academic and monetary considerations. This results in ethnic enclaves being formed which may subsequently lead to security issues. The PAP believes in using tax dollars for integration which has achieved nothing.

To become a naturalised Thai citizen, one needs to be able to speak and write basic Thai. There appears to be no language requirement for new Singapore citizens.

Thailand is not a wealthy country. Although it can be said to be poor, it is certainly not desperate and has a more principled approach where immigration policy is concerned. There is demand for permanent residency from Westerners and Japanese but the Thai government protects it people and culture and does not take shortcuts like the PAP.

PAP cheapens our PRs and citizenships by giving them out too freely. Foreigners are aware this is merely an economic transaction so when the money dries up, they will just pack up and retire in their homeland. Many PRs who have seen their HDB units skyrocket in value are able to retire very comfortably back home. More will pack up and leave rather than struggle with the high cost of living here.

To foreigners, our PR and citizenship are like a piece of tissue paper. What does the PAP expect foreigners to do after using them?

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