20140510 ST was joking about Opposition Aljuneid GRC ‘warming to PAP man’

I refer to Ass Tee recent article “Opposition Aljuneid GRC ‘warming to PAP man”. For a newspaper which thinking citizens do not trust, the joke made my day.

PAP’s Chua Eng Leong is the son of former cabinet minister Chua Sian Chin. As a private banker, he is just like any Ivory Tower resident totally disconnected with ordinary Singaporeans.

After spending the past year visiting residents, Chua told the Ass Tee that “he senses that things have improved”. So Ass Tee headline is simply Chua’s opinion, nothing based on facts.

Ass Tee appears to be heading towards a lower global media ranking soon with more articles unsupported by facts. Try Googling ‘Chua Eng Leong’ and nothing shows up. He is a nobody, not elected by Aljuneid GRC residents but yet allowed to conduct Meet-the-People session by the PAP (ab)using public resources.

Chua has zero grassroots experience and his priority is to wine and dine with his banking clients. Chua then tells his residents and volunteers to “go out and tell residents to give us another chance”.

Recall Lee Kuan Yew’s warning to Aljuneid residents that they will repent if WP was voted in. If Aljuneid residents are repenting, then won’t they automatically vote for the PAP? Why the need for PAP supporters to beg for “another chance”?

Lee Kuan Yew’s fear mongering clearly had not worked on the more intelligent Aljuneid electorate and the PAP has now been exposed. PAP MPs had failed to take care of their Aljuneid GRC residents and rightly got booted out. Constituents in other GRCs should not fear doing likewise to incompetent PAP MPs or risk being stuck with MPs with chronic hearing loss.

It is the PAP and their supporters who have been repenting during the 3 years post election. As with the Stop-At-Two policy, Lee Kuan Yew has again been proven wrong.

Other than being the son of a former minister and parachuted from nowhere into the PAP, Chua is really a nobody. To Ass Tee, thanks for the joke.

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