20140509 Vandalism – LTA needs to learn from Bishan Toa Payoh Town Council

I have been providing feedback to the government on rampant vandalism for about 2 years. The relevant authorities have all turned a blind eye to thousands of vandalised public structures island wide. Civil servants are simply ‘bochap’ because no one will be held accountable. Due to the persistent runarounds, I finally decided to set up a blog for the L T A – LanggarthenTakeAction and have also complained numerous times to the Minister for Transport and the PMO.

On 8 May, the roof level of Blk 85A in Toa Payoh was vandalised with graffiti. They were easily visible a mile away, if the view was unblocked.

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/EntertainmentDaily

It is interesting to note that the town council sprang into action immediately as if the GM’s life depended on cleaning up the embarrassing message.

It’s about time LTA does likewise with these:

All other government agencies have the same tolerant attitude towards vandalism. Why? Is it simply because ‘PAP’ was not mentioned?

Other photos in this blog posting @ link

In a further attempt to highlight to the government to be more responsible, I framed this as an issue of our vandalism law being double standard in an email to Minister Shanmugam.

But nothing works in the government. Different civil servants come into the picture and asking all sorts of silly questions in an attempt to get feedback providers frustrated and give up. At the same time, their correspondence will show there was ‘engagement’. Singaporeans who know better call this ‘wayang’. How can it not be when the chronic issue persists?

An LTA Road Asset Manager even joked by inviting me to work closely and wanted to seek my “advice on specific locations where there are rampant illegal advertisements”. The fact that there are thousands of them in the vicinity of Aljuneid MRT station and hundreds on lamp posts, traffic lights, covered pedestrian walkways, etc in Pasir Ris, Tampines, etc confirm the LTA has not discharged its responsibilities. If the police had not turned a blind eye in the areas mentioned above, it would mean they have not been on patrol for years.

The government should not seek public feedback when there is no intention to take any meaningful action. What LTA does is throw some tax dollars to contractors to clean up certain areas and subsequently allow the cycle to repeat itself. It’s like a dog chasing its tail, going round until it tires itself out. This is not a solution. It is stupidity.

If the B-TPTC is able to clean up the graffiti within hours, shouldn’t the LTA have already resolve the vandalism issue after 2 years of feedback?

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