20140509 PM Lee should not bite the hands that feed him, time to have spurs stuck into PAP’s hide

In light of PM Lee’s increasingly pro-foreigner stance, more citizens need to start reminding him of his servant status before he convinces himself he has the right to lord over Singaporeans. The PAP cannot demand respect but needs to earn it from citizens. Lee Kuan Yew was disrespectful towards citizens, always berating us with statements like “spurs are not stuck into the hide”, etc. It seems PM Lee has inherited this defective leadership gene from his father. But times have changed. When leaders slam citizens while giving preferential treatment to foreigners, they lose all trust from Singaporeans. PM Lee has certainly gone overboard by claiming that our country belongs to almost all the foreigners who happen to be in Singapore. Earlier during the May Day rally speech, a day of to reaffirm commitment to workers’ rights, PM Lee peppered his speech with motherhood statements and fear mongering. It was more of the same in his 2013 and 2012 May day rally speech. Any person of average intelligence knows that Singapore has a pseudo workers’ union and workers have few rights. What’s worse this year, workers are told to work longer for lower wages. How many more slaps in the face are we supposed to take? About 2 weeks earlier, PM Lee had also commented negatively on SINGAPOREANS, calling those who harassed the organisers of a foreign political event ‘’”disgraceful”. PM Lee did not verify the facts such as the organisers did not even have a police permit, nobody actually knew the identities of the Singaporean bigots PM Lee was referring to, etc. PM Lee should be reminded that he is here today because of the generosity and kindness of Singaporeans. Perhaps he has overstayed his welcome. He must remember that his family has been reliant on tax dollars since he was born. All his family members, excluding his children, and some relatives have also at one time or another worked for a government-linked company. By slamming citizens, he has shown his ungratefulness. Let’s take an objective look at how much citizens have showered on PM Lee and his family. Lee Kuan Yew was in politics almost his entire life, drawing the world’s highest political salary and an MP allowance since 1959. Wife Ho Ching is currently CEO of Temasek Holdings earning an undisclosed millions annually. She started work at Mindef in 1975 and has always been employed by government-linked companies such as Singapore Technologies etc. Brother Hsien Yang was in the SAF and subsequently became CEO of Singtel, another GLC and currently Chairman of CAAS. There is also the President and SAF Overseas Scholarship funded by the public. If we include PM Lee’s in laws (google their names), the amount comes up to a staggering hundreds of millions, probably even billions. No country in the universe provides its politicians such an indecent amount of money to have them telling citizens they are screwed up, are never good enough workers and always taking the sides of aliens. How could someone like PM Lee, who is totally dependent on us, citizens, be allowed to turn around and slap us all the time?? A single party rule has allowed the PAP walkovers and PAP politicians are no longer hungry to serve Singaporeans. If they are falling behind and have even dared to bite the hands that feed them, it’s because “the spurs are (not) into stuck into the hide”. Citizens must decide if this is the type of leadership we want. PM must do the right thing by apologising for his obnoxious behaviour.


corrections ( ) on 11 May:

No country in the universe (provides) its …

..the spurs are (not) stuck….


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