20140504 PAP manages to attract another defective elite candidate

The PAP has unveiled a few potential candidates for the next election. Unfortunately, they appear to be the elite types who do no understand the current issues faced by ordinary Singaporeans.

Among them is Chong Kee Hiong, CEO of OUE Hospitality REIT Management and another former RI student. Kee Hiong comes from a humble background with 14 family members sharing a three room HDB flat. But can a present elite from a humble background serve Singaporeans?

Just last year, the PAP had introduced another elite who proclaimed “everyone has a car, I have 2…”. He too was from a humble background, growing up in a farmhouse and subsequently moved to a four-room HDB flat.

Others would include Chan Chun Sing who grew up in single parent family. His mother had to work as a machine operator and office cleaner to support the family. Goh Chok Tong grew up in a pre-war house and subsequently moved to a HDB flat.

There are still other PAP MPs who had humble backgrounds like Zainal Sapari but that does not really matter because people DO change. What is important is not the past but the present because once people are in positions of power and wealth, they start to lose sight of the reality of ordinary citizens. PAP elites have already proven they are hard of hearing despite citizens’ cries for help.

Take a look at Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, whose FT and immigration policies have screwed up the lives of millions of Singaporeans. Does it matter where Goh came from now that he lives in Bukit Timah? Doesn’t the display of arrogance by Chun Sing reveal the kind of leader he really is? Like attracts like and the PAP has only been able to attract candidates with similar outlooks, further entrenching the dangerous groupthink which has caused all the current issues.

The PAP does not seem to understand that Singaporeans are sick of these elite types. Not only are they detached from our reality, they are really not interested to serve. Kee Hiong could prove me wrong by resigning from his CEO position as his $16,000 MP allowance and other directorships will be more than sufficient for his family of 6. Chances are this is not going to happen.

Kee Hiong says his love of Chinese sword-fighting novels has taught him humility and fair play. I find this strange because the PAP has always been a party which engages in unfair play. The PAP has always taken advantage of its dominant position to perpetuate its power by installing a pseudo democracy, incarcerating citizens whom it viewed as political threats, depriving needy Singaporeans of assistance, prioritising foreigners over citizens, demonising Singaporeans, etc.

We do not have any record of Kee Hiong having spoken out on any social issues with regard to the unfairness of the PAP government. His inspiration from watching the Justice Bao television series in the 70’s seems to have remained just an inspiration till today.

Kee Hiong is a typical money-faced PAP guy through and through. He is the president of the Orchid Country Club and chairman of NTUC Foodfare cooperative, a director of Pasir Ris Resort, SLF Leisure Enterprises, etc. All these are government linked companies. With so much work commitment, four children and a wife, Kee Hiong will not be able to serve his constituents, if elected.

Kee Hiong remembers trivial issues such as not being given an award for the highest score in Mathematics. This was in Primary 5, some 37 years ago. He boasted that the reason the teacher gave the award to the second top scorer was because he had won too many prizes. Kee Hiong claims he believes firmly in meritocracy and says it was wrong for the teacher to deprive him of the award. It appears he does not have a generous spirit and this also confirms he is a small-hearted person.

The PAP believes in winner-takes-all and so does Kee Hiong. This sort of closeted mindset ails our society – ‘winners’ live in District 10 and Sentosa Cove oblivious to the plight of fellow citizens, ‘losers’ deserve to be cleaners in their twilight years and if they cannot afford healthcare, JB is a short distance away.

Unscripted answers reveal lots about a person and Singaporeans should be more discerning. Most of us should not have forgotten Tin Pei Ling which The Independent labeled “PAP’s biggest joke in 2011”.

Most PAP potential candidates are really elites who have long forgotten their humble beginnings. Kee Hiong is a defective candidate at best.

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  1. /// Kee Hiong is a defective candidate at best./// – I Kee Chiu to this.

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