20140425 PAP bullying citizens a disgrace, pushback gaining momentum

It is heartening to see an increasing number of Singaporeans standing up for our country and reclaiming our rights after 4 decades of control by the PAP.

When PM Lee slammed “the work of few trolls” on his Facebook and insisted that many “Singaporeans condemn this thuggish behaviour”, his view did not resonate with the majority who were actually pissed with his comments. link link link link link Singaporeans are starting to wake up and realise the total control given to the PAP has damaged our country. The pushback seems to have started and will not end here. One of PM Lee’s reaction to fear was to delete unfavourable comments by an American on his FB.

Without realising his disconnect with the ground, PM Lee continued to dish out motherhood statements as to how Singaporeans should behave. One could almost hear our collective thoughts echo “talking cock again”.

On social media, the credibility of PM Lee’s mostly nameless supporters is questionable. The Ass Tee, the government mouthpiece, has yet to wake up to reality – readers have lost their trust and thinking citizens hardly have time to read trash and pay for the world’s largest flyer.

For decades, Singaporeans have blindly placed their trust in the PAP. The PAP rewarded failures by rotating politicians and civil servants to different ministries or statutory boards. (there are too many) Others who had zero relevant experience also went on to helm government linked companies in the private sector. To support such a system reflects infinite stupidity.

When citizens do not think and continue to put more power into the PAP’s hands, the end result is more abuse. This has been proven.

The bullying tactics by the PAP has to stop. We have to voice out NOW or risk becoming the next victim.  Eg.

A young Singaporean lady was charged for vandalism. But the law was clearly double standard when…..


the police turned a blind eye to these for about a decade. They continue to do so today.


This happens in an area ‘controlled’ by PRCs. So the government bullies a helpless citizen but turns a blind eye to foreigners.

You may think the above is not serious because it happens to only one person but think again.

An opposition party’s application to hold a mass cycling event in 2008 was rejected with a minister of state spouting nonsense to justify turning down the application. Fast forward 6 years and PM Lee doesn’t seem to have taken any issue with foreigners organising a political event which will likely see a turnout of more than ten thousand participants! (there are more than 50,000 FDWs here, event held on Sunday which is their rest day) Is this not double standard and again bullying its citizens?

Dinesh Raman Chinnaiah died in prison in 2010. He was only 51 kg but it took took 8 prison officers to restrain him, causing his death. The government did not conduct an independent investigation. Minister Iswaran also did not directly address MP Puthucheary’s question about the CCTVs in Parliament. It took his family four years to reach a settlement with the government.

But in the case of Mr Shane Todd, an American, there was a coroner’s inquiry and findings are available to the public. The process was also expedited. Again, the PAP government only bullies its citizens but when a powerful foreign government is involved, it is as meek as a mouse.

Many ordinary citizens have been priced out of resale HDB flats and are forced to apply for new flats. An increasing number of foreigner new citizens and PRs have no issue with buying our PUBLIC resale HDB flats. Exorbitant COE prices have also made cars unaffordable to locals. Rich foreigners, especially billionaires which PM Lee mistakenly believes contribute to our economy (SCMP), have no such issue.

The PAP is a coward and a disgrace when all it does is bully its helpless citizens but ignore foreigners. What about worse instances where citizens were jailed and lives were ruined? Can the PAP simply sweep history under the carpet?

The PAP should not assume Singaporeans are walkovers, brazenly according foreigners more rights than citizens. Singaporeans have endured enough of bullying tactics by the PAP. As confirmed by the reaction to the PIDCS saga, the pushback has been gaining momentum.

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