20140423 ‘Powder keg’ Geylang now autonomous region in Singapore?

The Commissioner of Police, Ng Joo Hee, recently said Geylang is a “potential powder keg”. Unless one has visited the area, he will not understand what CP Ng meant by a foreigner time bomb waiting to explode.

The lawlessness during the daytime is unbelievable and Geylang appears to be an autonomous region in Singapore ie self governing, independent, having its own laws. Perhaps it is run by foreign mafias which even the police are fearful of?

PAP MP Fatimah Lateef’s pleas to the authorities have also fallen on deaf ears for 8 years. Geylang’s old world charm has been lost with the influx of immigrants from third world countries. The number of foreigners has overtaken locals and Geylang now belongs to foreigners.

Collateral damage

As can be seen, PAP’s policies are all short term with tweaks as frequent as changes in ERP charges. The PAP never considered where to house its foreign economic digits, where their hangouts will be.
MP Fatimah can complain till the cows come home, the PAP will never act. Why? Because the elites don’t live there and are not affected. Similar to chronic issues affecting heartlanders, they are simply not bothered. Similar to HDB estates being flooded by third world citizens, Geylang is merely collateral damage.

Similar incident can result in a worse riot than in Little India
PRC workers have total disregard for our traffic laws and cross the road as if it belongs to their grandfather. Some may be drunk or maybe high on drugs. All it takes is an accident with the victim crying foul and all hell will break loose, especially if it involves a local driver. The police should not assume PRCs are similar to Indians.

We should not forget the repatriation of 29 Chinese bus drivers 17 months ago a mere 6 days after the strike. The perception of the hurried repatriation is that it is improper. In the Little India riot, our symbols of law were stoned and set alight without any prior similar incident. With 29 of their countrymen unjustly losing their rice bowls, PRCs may not be too kind to the men in blue.

PRCs have also protested on top of tower cranes. Indian workers are like Singaporeans – kia si and just follow law.

PRCs are capable of harming fellow human beings and have a high disregard for life eg. baby milk poisoning, kidnapping, etc. Similar to the Little India riot, liquor will likely be a contributory factor.

The police say they are prepared but are they?
CP Ng has acknowledged the “lawlessness” in Geylang. He says even “crowds of hooligans are not afraid of standing in the way of police work” and “an officer was once beaten up when he tried to detain an illegal gambling stall operator”.

CP Ng says “5 fast response squad cars are routinely deployed in Geylang every weekend”. But why wait till Geylang degenerated into such lawlessness requiring public resources to manage a foreigner problem? Isn’t this some kind of upside down planning?

April 2014 (photos taken from a bus) – These are our ‘foreign talent’ pharmacists prescribing over the (open air) counter ‘medication’. For YEARS, foreigners have beenpeddling sex drugs in the open as if the SPF does not exist.

Besides vice and drugs, our men in blue also turn a blind eye to public structures used for illegal advertisements, mostly for our ‘foreign talent’ housing needs.

Limited police resources were deployed to arrest ‘Sticker Lady’ for vandalism. But when the vandalism in Geylang is 1000 times worse and has been ongoing for probably a decade, the police turns a blind eye! Why the double standard – attack a fellow Singaporean, put her to shame but remain silent on foreigners?

Many citizens have lost trust in the SPF
The police better shape up and discharge their responsibility. They cannot afford to sit on an issue staring at them in the face, waiting for the time bomb to explode, as in the Little India riot. The fact that even a PAP MP, Fatimah Lateef, has not been effective in addressing a ‘powder keg’ speaks volumes of our ‘always reactive’ system. Over time, an increasing number of citizens are beginning to lose a fair bit of trust in our men in blue.


When CP Ng says Geylang is a ‘powder keg’, the government should not have taken it lightly. It has been almost 5 months since the Little India riot and, besides additional police hardware support, nothing much has changed.

The police are making a huge mistake if they think the PRCs are a walkover compared to the Indians. It is wishful thinking to assume lessons have been learnt since last December because the situation in Geylang has been left festering for years. Chinese workers have more grievances than Indian workers.

Anyone who has been to the most problematic Geylang area would know it is an area that’s out of control and appears to be an autonomous region.

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