20140413 How come CPF members must meet Minimum Sum requirement but got no minimum wage??

When the PAP government needs cheap funding for its investments, it sets a minimum sum limit on our CPF withdrawals for Singaporeans who have reached Ah Kong/Ah Ma age.
Ordinary Singaporeans are screwed for not knowing how to save for our retirement and spend wisely when we are old.

The PAP government has vested interests in cradle to grave businesses. High rental has already killed many businesses and the only way is to squeeze labour. So when Singaporeans demand a minimum wage for a decent standard of living, understandably, the government cannot agree to shooting itself in the foot.

Politicians reward themselves with out of this world salaries but expect citizens to accept third world wages in a first world country. Hmm… like that also can meh?

It appears there is nothing Singaporeans can do but watch ourselves being screwed by our profit-oriented government.

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