20140411 PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak demonstrates how to put his foot in his mouth

In a media interview which was published on 5 April, PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak dished out his unsolicited advice on how the Malaysian authorities should have better handled the MH370 incident. Taking a pot shot at our neighbour, MP Lim sang praises of SIA’s media management after 2 plane had crashed in 1997 and 2000.

The Singapore government has rightly distanced itself from Lim’s pot shot. What was Lim trying to prove by kicking our neighbour when they are down? Where was his common sense? But this is not the first time he exhibited his ZERO EQ.

In 2011, Lim’s associated having a million dollar salary with dignity and it earned him the Dumbass Remark of the Week from a well-known blogger. In an insincere apology after “further reflection”, Lim agreed that his statement was inappropriate and incorrect.

On Facebook, Dignity Lim suddenly realised the MH370 incident is “unprecedented” and “would have been difficult to manage for any country”. He has again “reflected” on his comments and now agrees with the foreign minister and PM Lee.

Where unprecedented local incidents, like our Little India riot, are concerned, I don’t recall Dignity having uttered a word. If the different government agencies had such poor coordination, how are international agencies expected to do so within Asean?

Dignity should seriously consider a brain scan as he seems to have a perennial EQ issue. Does he have the foot-in-the-mouth disease? Is he unaware that each time he makes some stupid and uncalled for comments, he causes his party’s popularity rating to drop? Perhaps he is unhappy with the PAP for having overstayed its welcome? (I recall Low Thia Kiang was advised to turn up his hearing aid and I guess this is just my advice for Dignity.)

How popular is Dignity? On his Facebook, 100% of the comments were supportive of Dignity, including ex NMP Calvin Cheng. His supporters are saying what Dignity has done was right and the government should not have ‘forced’ Dignity to retract his statements.

But besides his Facebook, it appears there is zero support elsewhere.

Lim loves to “reflect” on his mistakes and there is no better way to do so than in front of a mirror. Does he deserve all the tax dollars to be an MP who keeps repeating the same mistake?

Image credit: keenetrial.com

What MP Lim has said could have repercussions in bilateral ties. We can only hope the Malaysian authorities view his retraction positively.

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1 Response to 20140411 PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak demonstrates how to put his foot in his mouth

  1. Darius says:

    There’s an ex partner of an accounting firm who only hires FT his name is Gerard Tan Wee Seng and he is a mouse to his wife and daughters. Such traitors should be named and shamed!

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