20140405 Blaming Geylang for Little India failure, PAP reactive

My respect for the police has continued to diminish after CP Ng Joo Hee deflected the SPF’s failure in handling the Little India riot to Geylang. The COI on Little India has to be confined to … Little India and Geylang should not be drawn into it. It appears top leadership has to be shielded from blame at all costs and every subordinate is dispensable. The trend is worrying.

Perhaps CP Ng has been too honest by also admitting another failure; vice is rampant in Geylang. Ng should know that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. According to Ng, Geylang is a “hotbed of illegal gambling, contraband cigarette peddling and drug dealing” and “potential powder keg”. Isn’t Ng aware that PAP MP Fatimah Lateef has also waited 8 years for a definitive plan?

Perhaps he should apologise to Fatimah for making her patrol Geylang “at least twice a week or more if required” to sort out and solve “many issues”.

By unnecessarily highlighting Geylang to show his new-found awareness after the riot, Ng is effectively ‘sabo-ing’ his subordinate and will not be respected by his men. His cowardly action has now cast an unwanted spotlight on his subordinate, Supt Loh Kah Wai. Loh’s career may even be jeopardised through no fault of his. The issue is evidently one of a lack of resources due to poor planning ‘at the top’. If Ng himself could not convince the government to provide more resources, does he expect his subordinate to do any better?

Little India riot COI already confirmed SPF failure but Ng..

During the COI, an honest ASP Tang admitted “we are not trained, not equipped”. . ASP Tang also said he was not aware that there were more than a hundred police officers in the area because the communication system was down.

By continuing to be defensive and commending his officers for “displaying the right instincts”, it appears CP Ng has not learnt any lesson.

In an article on Home Team News, CP Ng basically defended all the action/inaction of an untrained and ill-equipped police force in handling the riot. In his closing testimony during the COI, Ng suddenly woke up to the fact that manpower was in serious shortage. Ng should have already known this since taking over 4 years ago. Since this was clearly his oversight, shouldn’t Ng act responsibly by tendering his resignation?

How could Ng describe the police’s performance as “far from inadequate” when they were untrained and ill-equipped? Perhaps Ng is hopeful that an untrained pilot without the necessary navigational equipment could still fly a commercial plane safely.

Ng is clearly not concerned about the destruction of police assets, our symbols of law, being overturned or burnt. Ng does not think there is anything wrong for the police to run away and take cover from the rioters.

PAP always reactive

PAP MP Fatimah Lateef attempted to score political points after CP Ng revealed that Geylang was a time bomb about to explode. On April Fools’ day, Fatimah posted a sort of resume on Facebook about all her work in Geylang! Fatimah contradicted herself by saying that she is an “action orienated (?) person who expect results” but yet has been waiting for 8 years for a definitive plan. Without Ng’s revelation, Fatimah would probably have continued her wait in vain because a reactive, just-follow-law civil service will only act when forced by external circumstances.

Fatimah’s ‘cheong hei’ posting listed 14 points of action. Bear in mind that 8 years ago, there were fewer Chinese nationals. If Fatimah could not resolve issues then, and with Geylang presently a “powder keg”, what makes her think she could easily resolve chronic issues now?

It’s like all the PAP MPs crediting themselves with having brought up the liquor issue in Little India but did nothing until a riot erupted. It’s not like as if a few workers were drinking in a quiet corner; Little India had become the biggest pub in the world with tens of thousands of drinkers during the weekends.

I am not saying that Fatimah has done nothing. My point is why are PAP MPs always reacting to situations?

What the government should be concerned are other potential flashpoints, not just Little India, and now, Geylang. PAP single-handedly created these issues with its mindless immigration policy.


Like other PAP MPs, MP Fatimah has been sitting on an issue due to the lack of accountability.  MP Fatimah has also confirmed our overrated and inefficient civil service.

If the PAP is not used to eating humble pie, its about time to learn. What Singaporeans would like to see is an acknowledgement and accountability and move on to other issues. Mistakes could be forgiven but don’t give us too much crap. CP Ng should stand up like a man and face the music instead of cunningly deflecting blame onto his subordinate. (everyone is talking about Geylang now, Little India case closed) Such conduct is not exemplary to the SPF.

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