20140404 Town Council treats feedback as a joke


I have been corresponding with Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council for more than a decade. Despite having set up a blog dedicated to estate maintenance issues and writing to the MND and PMO, systemic issues have remained.

Feedback No. 235

Four months ago, I highlighted to PM Lee that the “MND needs to manage PR-PTC’s ‘independence’” for obvious reasons. (see blog postings)
16 Dec 2013

4 April 2014
So this brings me to the 5th feedback on the same simple issue and its been almost 7 months! What a big joke my TC is.

Those in charge are not accountable to anyone! Frequently the TC brushes off residents’ feedback to exasperate residents into accepting the status quo. That way, less work for everybody.

Many residents have given up and also fear the authorities, no thanks to the enormous power they wield. But in the long run, society is worse…

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