20140325 Why the government will proceed with population plan

I admire Singaporeans who continue to put up a number of logical proposals to resolve the issues created by haphazard population planning.

The PAP government does not believe in its own long term Concept Plans, which are just for show, and will do whatever is necessary to make the most money. Where URA’s Concept Plans are concerned, population targets were met 4 decades ahead – URA’s 1991 target 4 million to be reached in 2040 achieved in 2000, URA’s 2001 target of 5.5 million probably in 2016, 25 to 35 years ahead. link (pg 7)

It’s not that the government is not aware and does not want to back down but rather it can’t. It has no idea how to generate economic growth other than by increasing the population (creating a false demand).

PAP’s ‘growth’ model was confirmed by Euromoney which praised Minister Tharman for shifting ”its growth model from population-driven to productivity-driven expansion..”. Euromoney

Since Goh Chok Tong’s days, which has been more than 2 decades, the population has been increasing by about 100,000 annually. Without this, the GDP would have been a fraction of what it is today. Increasing the population requires billions of dollars from our reserves for infrastructure construction.

It was revealed in parliament that our reserves were raided 55 times since 2002 TOC and it appears the president had very little knowledge. In fact, Nathan stated “the government for the first time sought my office’s approval to draw on the reserves” on 21 May 2011, after 12 years in office! link Using a conservative figure of $2 billion used each time, that would mean our reserves are down by more than $100 billion.

For this sole reason, the PAP has to try and recoup, and profit from, the investment.

So long as the PAP is in power, the status quo on our population planning will be maintained by trying to placate as many citizens as possible.

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