20140323 ‘Whole-of-government’/’Just-follow-law’ approach totally unproductive

From: pipakh
Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2014 7:24 PM
Cc: LTA FEEDBACK ; <a title=”SPF_Feedback_TP ; CHOON HOCK ; <a title=”bokkoh ; CUE ; <a title=”foojn ; GEORGE ; <a title=”harry ; HENG ; <a title=”jjauto ; JAYA ; <a title=”ongqyqy ; LAY CHER ; <a title=”ngys ; RICHARD ; <a title=”stanley93896999
Subject: 20140323 ‘Whole-of-government’/’Just-follow-law’ approach totally unproductive

Dear PM Lee

I have been constantly providing feedback to the government. The civil service should note there are issues with the way feedback is being handled by various government agencies.

Civil servants should be flexible and the priority is to get the job done soonest possible.

On 25 February, I provided feedback to the LTA which is supposedly in charge of our roads. (email with photos enclosed) My feedback concerned a truck leaving a trail of construction debris.

LTA explained that it was;
1 An offence to transport goods without safety measures. (traffic police involved)
2 An offence of littering. (NEA also involved)

After providing the requested relevant information, LTA forwarded to the traffic police. On 21 March, the traffic police informed me that I had to make a police report requiring the information already provided to the LTA.


25 Feb – Feedback to LTA

28 Feb – LTA said concerns Traffic Police and NEA. Requests for more details.

28 Feb – Provided relevant details to LTA

5 Mar – LTA said will forward information to TP and NEA.

21 Mar – TP informed me that a police report is required including the date time and location which the LTA had requested and already provided.

The buck has to stop at the LTA. It is responsible for road maintenance and it is its responsibility to liaise with the different government agencies. (no one will want to provide feedback if required to make a police report for assisting civil servants)

In this particular case, the truck would have continued to litter our roads with construction debris because of LTA’s failure to take immediate action. A phone call from the TP/LTA to warn the construction company would probably have sufficed.

Please review other protocols and exercise flexibility to get the job done as soon as possible. Civil servants should not ‘just follow law’ to the letter and leave an unnecessary paper trail.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang

From: SPF Feedback TP (SPF)
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 3:18 PM
To: pipakh
Subject: (SR#: SR/20140305/0712) – Activity # – 1-TODTL: RE:20140228 Location of heavy vehicle Re: RE:20140225-Feedback Number : 20140228-1234

Dear Mr Ang,

We refer to the preceding email from LTA.

We wish to inform you that to report on traffic violations, please first lodge a police report (NP299) at either the Neighbourhood Police Centre, Neighbourhood Police Post, or via the Electronic Police Centre (EPC) at http://www.spf.gov.sg/epc/index.html. You will be required to provide the following details when lodging the Police Report:

1. The full registration number of the vehicle of which the driver/rider is alleged to have committed a traffic violation

2. The date, time and location of the alleged offence

3. The circumstances leading to the alleged offence

4. Confirmation of willingness to testify in court should the offender dispute the alleged offence

5. Full particulars of the informant

6. Presence of corroborative evidence

After the police report has been lodged, you could send in any photo/video evidence to the Traffic Police at SPF_FEEDBACK_TP if you have not done so when lodging the NP299. The Police Report reference number must be indicated in the email. An investigation officer will then follow up with you on your report.

Thank you for your understanding.

With Regards

Julia Juraimi
Assistant, Service Quality Officer
Traffic Police Department | Singapore Police Force
A Force For The Nation
•WARNING•”Privileged/Confidential information may be contained in this message. If you are not the intended addressee, you must not copy, distribute or take any action in reliance thereon. Communication of any information in this email to any unauthorised person is an offence under the Official Secrets Act (Cap 213). Please notify the sender immediately if you receive this in error.”

From: feedback@lta.gov.sg [mailto:feedback@lta.gov.sg]
Sent: Wednesday, 5 March, 2014 6:02 PM
To: pipakh@singnet.com.sg
Cc: NEA Contact (NEA); SPF Feedback TP (SPF)
Subject: RE:20140228 Location of heavy vehicle Re: RE:20140225-Feedback Number : 20140228-1234

Our Ref: LTA/QSMO/SQSS/SQ/F20.000.000/333431/HW
Date : 5-Mar-2014
Tel : 62997235
Fax : 63961192Dear Mr Ang

20140228 Location of heavy vehicle Re: RE:20140225
FEEDBACK NUMBER: 20140228-1234

We refer to your email of 28 February 2014.

We appreciate your prompt assistance in providing additional details on the matter. We will assist to forward this information to the Traffic Police (TP) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) for their necessary attention.

Once again, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely

Lau Chin Hwang
Principal Service Quality Officer
Service Quality Division

*We invite you to share your views on land transport related issues with us at http://talk2lta.lta.gov.sg. Now, you can also send us your feedback via SMS at “77LTA” (77582).

Sender’s Name : Phillip Ang
Email Address : pipakh
Telephone No. :
Feedback Date : 28 February 2014
Received Date : 28 February 2014

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