20140228 Animal Lovers League is right but don’t expect any closure from PAP government

Cathy Strong, president of the Animal Lovers League, has recently revealed that the dogs which MINDEF claims to have bitten their workers are not strays. The dogs have been ‘doing NS’ at Pasir Ris camp since 6 years ago. ALL’s FB

In a statement, MINDEF had “insisted that the dogs at Pasir Ris camp were “aggressive”, “unpredictable” and a “persistent danger” to staff there”. link So the public is expected to believe that MINDEF suddenly realised that the dogs’ aggressive behavior and being a persistent danger to MINDEF’s staff was intolerable only after 6 years?

As events unfold, it is becoming clearer that Mindef has erred and is attempting to cover up as stated by ALL.

In a Straits Times article, link it was reported that “the lieutenant colonel (LTC) who allegedly tied up the dog at Pasir Ris camp has been referred for counselling,..”. Why waste taxpayers’ money on counselling sessions and the time of a high ranking officer when he did nothing wrong? It is shocking that MINDEF’s investigations could not even confirm if the LTC did tie up the dog.

Original image @ http://www.torttalk.com/

What about the other 8 witnesses to the dog abuse? Should they not also be charged for lying if the abuse did not take place? link It appears they were telling the truth and MINDEF was just being vindictive and a bully. The LTC had lost face when he had threatened to call the police but was ‘owned’ by Ms Strong’s threat to call in the media.

Who is this LTC? A untouchable president/SAF scholar doing some seat warming? Or perhaps an untouchable white horse?

The evidence provided by ALL has painted MINDEF in a very negative light ie lost its integrity and cover up. link

The whole issue has gone too far and to ‘sacrifice’ the LTC at this juncture will make the government look like an ass. It would mean the LTC was dishonest from the start. It would also mean the whole investigation process was flawed and biased.

The PAP government is caught between a rock and a hard place. The political price to pay for coming clean at this stage is simply too high. Silence appears to be the best option and with the help of the mainstream media, hopefully, all will soon be forgotten.

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