20140221 Should you continue paying to read 150th world ranking Straits Times’ world record advertisements?

The Straits Times may be officially ranked 150th in the World Press Freedom Index. Unknown to most ST subscribers, it also holds the unofficial world record for the highest number of advertisements.

The table below shows the record number of advertisements in ST on a typical Friday and Saturday. (compare them with this week’s and they will be similar)

Friday (14 Feb) Main section 64 pages
Page size 1/4 page 1/2 page Full page Orbituary
10 Misc 21 Misc 2 Misc 3 1/4
1 Prop 3 Prop 6 Prop
7 Ret 9 Ret
Sub total pgs 2 3/4 15 1/2 17 3 1/4
Total advertisement page size including obituary: 38 1/2
Out of 64 pages, 38 1/2 were advertisements.
Misc – cars, tuition centres, furniture, seminars, etc.
Prop – property
Ret – large retailers eg. Courts, NTUC, etc.
Tel – Singtel, M1 and Starhub

If you still have not noticed, Saturday’s papers is even worse.

Saturday (15 Feb) Main section 98 pages
Page size 1/4 page 1/2 page Full page Obituary
12 Misc 16 Misc 5 Misc 2
8 Prop 13 Prop 14 Prop
2 Ret 14 Ret
2 Tel 5 Tel
Sub total pgs 5 16 1/2 38 2
Total advertisement page size including obituary (2): 61 1/2

Out of 98 pages, 61 1/2 were advertisements. This excludes the 76 pages of classified ads. There is no other press in the world which can beat our ST!

This is how the PAP promote consumerism and is actually in line with the objective of Singapore Inc. So what’s all the talk about saving the earth when, including the classified ads, total advertisements run into at least 130 pages in one day?

After decades of reading the government’s mouthpiece, many Singaporeans are presently unable to distinguish between news and the PAP’s cherry-picked information and propaganda. As is evident by those who regurgitate ST’s ‘facts’, prolonged exposure to propaganda has severely diminished readers’ IQ.

To be fair, there are excellent articles ie. about 0.001 per cent.

A lifetime habit of reading the ST is as costly as any addiction and killing our Earth. Many have ceased paying for ST’s convoluted logic and state propaganda masking as news. You should.

(Try not reading for a day and you will realise nothing has been missed. Gradually increase the number of days and go online for news. Over time, you will succeed in kicking this bad habit)

Warning – your mental health may deteriorate further should you insist on continuing to read the Ass T.

Besides the advertisements, one should also take issue with the moral high ground taken by many journalists eg. so long as “vote buying” (PGP and other PAP sweeteners before an election) “does not descend to the kind of pork barrel politics that plagues some democracies”, etc. So vote buying is also not vote buying depending on who is doing it. For an experienced journalist, Zuraidah Ibrahim has certainly made a laughing stock of herself

On the Pioneer Generation Package, she says that Singaporeans may be debating if the package is “too much”! Even the PAP knows it has neglected the welfare of elderly Singaporeans for years and is doing some catch up using the PGP to score political points.

Zuraidah appears to be living in a bubble. Her brother may be PAP minister Yaacob but she certainly should not write as if she was also a PAP member. Zuraidah needs to wake up to the fact that public funds do not belong to the PAP or any political party.

The mainstream media came under the control of the PAP shortly after it came into power. It has repeatedly abused the media for political gains through propaganda and engaging in ‘half truth’ reporting. ST ex editor, Cheong Yip Seng revealed that his predecessor had resisted Lee Kuan Yew’s pressure to print the full ‘O’ level results of Chiam See Tong. LKY had also once threatened Cheong “I will break your neck” when he was a rookie reporter. Ex-Straits Times editor reveals gov’t meddling in tell-all book

More recently, the ST helped ‘justify’ the deportation of Indian workers who were alleged rioters. Interviews with some of those deported by the TOC have revealed a totally different story. link link On the same issue, retired High Court Judge G P Selvam was quoted as saying ST was “in plain Contempt of Court”. TOC

If the ST wants to prove to Singaporeans it is not biased, it should not remain silent on past injustices perpetrated against Singaporeans through the abuse of the ISA.

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