20140218 PTOs attempt to improve using PAP approach, F type approach discarded

Two good friends who are public transport commuters, Ahmad and Ah Seng, were having a good laugh at Minister Lui’s response to questions from MPs in Parliament. (“Singapore’s train operators to adopt new MRT maintenance regimes”. CNA)

Ahmad: Minister Lui mentioned a new approach to maintenance for SBS and SMRT. It’s called “predict and prevent”.
Ah Seng: Wa lau eh. That means P A P man. Does it mean PAP will own them soon like the A I M company?

Ahmad: Don’t know sia. But funny la, if can “predict” how come this January cannot “prevent” 5 cock ups?
Ah Seng: Aiyah. You dont know meh? They always bluff themselves with fancy slogans. Singapore run like that long time aready and China going to copy us soon.

Ahmad: Lui say PAP approach “will see operators actively monitoring the condition…to prevent breakdowns and delays”.
Ah Seng: So that means last time no one monitoring that’s why got so many breakdowns right. Some more want to increase fare.

Ahmad: I think they like to talk cock sing song. If really can “predict” become fortune teller and earn a lot of money aready. No need work for SMRT or SBS.
Ah Seng: I heard SMRT got new logo. I draw for you to see here.

Ahmad: Alamak who don’t know. You want to draw $MRT right?
Ah Seng: Bukan la. Like this.

Ahmad: You really local talent man. Sure can beat foreign talent! Ha ha ha
Ah Seng: Not my idea leh. When MRT breakdown, every time I hear commuters in the train station say “stupid MRT! stupid MRT!”.

Ahmad: Lui also say last time they use the F type approach. Not one F but two F – the old approach call “find and fix”, F and F.
Ah Seng: What the F. Two ‘F’ I think should be fail and fail. So now they maybe pantang with alphabets like Chinese pantang with numbers right? From ‘FNF’ change to ‘PAP’ they think can improve just like that! lol

Ahmad: Lui also say he “called up SMRT’s senior management to convey his concerns..”. All the minister dam free like Lim Swee Say got a lot of time also telephone a lot of people to say sorry after PA cock up. http://therealsingapore.com/content/lim-swee-say-explains-why-tan-cheng-bock-was-uninvited-cny-garden-party
Ah Seng: Ya lor. Where got this kind of job pay one million dollars to make telephone calls.

Ahmad: But Lui actually concern not about commuter delay. He only concern about SMRT can’t make money.
Ah Seng: Of course la. When we kena delay and got to take cab to work, government pass bill not to compensate us but the government. You can see any improvement after SMRT kena fined $850,000 last year? link No right? Now they want to increase to 10 % of their revenue. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/parliament-passes-bill-to/1001046.html

Ahmad: No wonder they say Parliament all wayang. Pass so many bills only benefit the government and not those affected. Why don’t pass me a few hundred dollar bills so I can relax?
Ah Seng: SMRT also say “it takes responsibility for the recent incidents” but again who responsible?

Ahmad: Alamak. You should know la. Take credit everyone queue up overnight to claim. When comes to responsibility, they blame invisible man. This is our system.
Ah Seng: So who at SMRT will take responsibility will remain a mystery. Maybe just the alphabet “SMRT”?

Ahmad: OK. This Lui really funny guy. Hope tomorrow in parliament got another one like him.
Ah Seng: See you tomorrow.

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