20140211 Gen Y – you can be the change for Singapore’s good

Dear Gen-Y Singaporeans

The current issues faced by ordinary citizens is largely due to the silence of your parents. We grew up in a climate of fear and also trusted the government controlled mainstream media. Even till today, many still fear engaging the government.

The political party which has dominated Singapore for 5 decades has done irreversible harm to our country. Because there is hardly any accountability, it has remained complacent, continues to prioritise monetary values above all else, politicising government agencies for its benefit, disregard citizens’ welfare, force citizens to share limited public resources with immigrants and transient workers without any public consultation, use our reserves without any debate in parliament, etc

Such a system is untenable. Instead of systemic changes, our leaders offer tweaks.

One man was instrumental in creating such the system – Lee Kuan Yew. Younger leaders have followed in his footsteps as evidenced by some of his quotes below.

LKY: “We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think
This statement reveals the egoist and the danger such a person poses when he wields power. Anyone who is not beholden to the political party will take immediate offence. This also explains why the government has been going in the opposite direction of the people – PAP MPs simply do not care about what the people think. Despite the easily-anticipated problems, the government doesn’t give a hoot about citizens’ objections to the population white paper.

LKY: “Please do not assume you can change governments. Young people don’t understand this”.
People generally crave for an environment of stability and security and would not want to change governments simply for the fun of it. Governments in other parts of the world have been recently changed after decades of abuse of power which had caused immense suffering to the people. It is the PAP government which should not assume that young Singaporeans cannot change the government. When they have been pushed to the limit, the government can easily be shoved out at the ballot box.

The fall of Aljuneid GRC and the loss of an SMC appear to be just the beginning.

LKY: “I will make him crawl on his bended knees, and beg for mercy.” http://www.singapore-window.org/sw99/90321dn.htm
Can we have a compassionate society when vindictive leaders inspire others to be equally cruel?

There are numerous quotes @ http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Lee_Kuan_Yew.

Like minded individuals have been inducted into a PAP which has proven that its only goal is to perpetuate its power. This is done through gerrymandering and the politicisation of all government agencies and grassroots organisations. The spat between the NEA and WP will not end any time soon despite having wasted taxpayers’ money. That ordinary citizens end up as collateral damage is also insignificant to the PAP.

Akin to parents taking care of their children, a country must also take care of its citizens in the same way. (Being a parent of 3 teenagers, I shall use this analogy to describe PAP’s relationship to Singaporeans. No parent will be perfect but we need to realise there are different stages of growth, guide and bond with them. The love for one’s child is also unconditional)

Parents: Children are better educated and have grown into young adults. Our relationship has changed and will continue to change.
PAP: The country has progressed only in terms of physical infrastructures but citizens are still treated as if our social contract was cast in stone. Although Singaporeans are better educated, the government controlled mainstream media continue to believe that all it printed will be lapped up as in the past. The government has stubbornly refused to embrace change by passing new laws to control online discourses.

Parents: We are all humans and will continue to make mistakes and learn along the way. When mistakes are made, we should acknowledge and also apologise.
PAP: The government will apologise only for political gains. The PAP attempts to live up to its whiter then white image but all can see through its facade. Frequently, it does not apologise and may even slap citizens in the face for their mistakes eg. no sincere apology for frequent public transport breakdowns but instead a fare hike.

Parents: Consult children if considering adopting another child.
PAP: Open floodgates to immigrants without considering the consequences and welfare of citizens. Turn a deaf ear to citizens’ pleas as long as money continues to gush in. Provide lip service and tweak policies to show our voices have been heard. When loopholes are exploited, continue with another round of tweaks.

Parents: Most parents sacrifice for the sake of their children.
PAP: Leaders ‘sacrifice’ by getting remunerations which are benchmarked to the highest in different industries. Citizens in the lowest income bracket are hardest hit.

Parents: We try to provide for our elderly parents to the best of our ability. We don’t turn them away when they have a medical issue.
PAP: Elderly Singaporeans are left to fend for themselves. The government expects family members, many who are already struggling, to bear any medical financial burden. When the government steps in with a little help, it seeks to gain political mileage. (headlines screaming 450,000 eligible for Pioneer Generation Package link but likely to disappoint when details are revealed on 21 Feb)

The PAP has also ‘abused’ its ‘children’ by having thousands arrested/jailed under the ISA Some were/are in exile. These videos also form an important part of our history and have been banned but the contents have not been challenged by the government.

The PAP, if it were the parents of citizens, have been exemplary in how not to behave as a parent. In Jan 2012, Catherine Lim said the PAP was incapable of reinventing itself. It appears the actions of our younger ministers and MPs have confirmed this.

Important questions you should ask yourself. Do you want:
– a government controlled media acting as its mouthpiece?
– politicised grassroots organisations serving political parties instead of citizens?
– a politicised civil service which cannot speak out openly on policies which are detrimental to citizens?
– a public housing statutory board which will never be held accountable for unaffordable public housing?
– public transportation CEOs who are appointed based on irrelevant experience?
– ministers of state who live in a bubble, eg “private tuition is not necessary”?
– an increasing amount of your lifetime hard-earned money to be locked up in an opaque reserves account?
– a government to manage OUR money in the CPF account without any transparency?
– a government to dictate to you EVERY important policy instead of consultation?

The government continues to make no effort to understand why many elderly and frail Singaporeans are doing menial work as cleaners in coffee shops and toilets. This despite the issue having been highlighted to PM Lee. link Lim Swee Say should experience being a low wage worker

A well-respected junior minister’s FB posting last year attempted to bend the reality into something else.

Tan Chuan Jin says the elderly work because of boredom. link

I met a lady in her seventies selling tissue paper in a Chinatown food court. She had a knee problem and certainly wasn’t doing it out of boredom.
Today, 11 Feb 2014

The issues we are currently facing can never be resolved by Gen X alone. Many have already been brainwashed by state propaganda. With better education and access to unfiltered information, you must not allow the future of Singapore to be shaped by monetary values alone nor dictated by a few in power.

With the power of social media, intelligent young people do understand they are able to change governments through the ballot box. Perhaps Lee Kuan Yew and other PAP leaders have forgotten they were also young once.

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One Response to 20140211 Gen Y – you can be the change for Singapore’s good

  1. James Teh says:

    Having access to information is useless if we do not act on it.
    Have we learned nothing from the opposition leaders who were culled from the political scene?
    You cannot challenge or oust the PAP government constitutionally.

    The only way to bring about significant political change is through revolution.
    But Gen Y Singaporeans will not take up that banner – they will run.

    If their parents and grandparents refused to accept their political responsibilities, and gave their nation away to a despot, what makes you think this generation will be any different?

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