20140128 Adam Khoo singing the same PAP tune

TRS article “Singapore multi-millionaire Adam Khoo: The expats will rule Singapore” (in a couple of years) was a prediction by Adam Khoo (AK) in 2009 which has yet to come true. link Was it even a prediction when our anti-Singaporean policies have been evident to everyone?  The article was an insult to citizens and has understandably generated a lot of negative comments.

To understand why he supported the influx of immigrants to take away our jobs, one needs to know a bit about AK’s past. Wikipedia link

1 At age 15, Khoo was devouring books on “how to make money” like Donald Trump’s business books and Warren Buffett’s books on investment techniques.
2 For his motivational talks, he charged $25 per student in Singapore schools. (multiply by thousands)
3 After becoming a Super Teen trainer at 24, he began conducting courses for government organisations like the CDAC, AMP and also Nayang Girls’ High School.
4 His claim to be a professional stock and FX trader gave the misleading impression that he made money in trading. In reality, he made his first million charging exorbitant fees (up to $1,000 per hour) from giving motivational talks at schools and companies.

In short, (similar to our government) AK’s life revolves around making more money. The government was also instrumental in AK’s financial success by providing him job opportunities at the start of his career. AK is simply grateful to the government and has in turn reciprocated by showing his support of PAP policies and has even stooped so low to insult citizens.

Photo credit: http://www.onmoneymaking.com/the-shameless-guide-to-kissing-ass-and-getting-paid.html

AK was first spotted by Dr Ernest Wong, whose teaching tools “incorporated and adapted an American-developed learning technology called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) as well as whole –brain learning”. Since AK’s insulting article makes no sense to me, I am beginning to suspect it might have been hare-brained learning. How could an intelligent fellow citizen have such a narrow definition of success? Why did he ignore all the issues created by flawed policies?

Last but not least, be aware that motivational trading coaches do not put their money where their mouth is. Claims could never be verified and the wilder they are, the more participants they will attract eg. making a few hundred per cent a month, multiplying your capital 100 times in one year, etc. Extrapolate from such ‘trading strategies’, these coaches should be billionaires within 10 years. In reality, they make money from the gullibility and greed of course participants. Anyway, who in their right mind will give up the chance of becoming a billionaire and go into full time coaching?  Don’t expect AK to perform this charitable act.

In conclusion, AK has benefitted from the PAP government at the start of his career as well as PAP’s anti-Singaporean policies.  Both are basically singing the same tune.

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