20140125 Minister Lui should take offence at our trains ‘smelly comment’ by expat PR

MInister Lui should have heard by now that a certain Foreign Trash has commented that he has “washed the stench of public transport off me FFS”.

I am disappointed that the Transport Minister has remained silent when an expat commented that our trains are smelly. Even Law Minister Shanmugam has commented on this issue which, like many Singaporeans, has made him upset. Shanmugam also says that Casey’s FB post was “deeply offensive, wrong and unacceptable”. Minister Lui on the other hand appears to have zero opinion despite this issue affecting the image (smell) of public transportation.

Two PAP MPs who could not help but scolded opposition MPs for sitting on the fence, should have reminded Lui to offer his opinion. After all, MOT is in charge of public transportation which includes our trains. If they are indeed smelly, then it would mean the SMRT has not observed proper hygiene.

If I remember correctly, Minister Lui was at the scene of the Little India riot after peace had been restored. By “smelling the environment”, Lui’s educated guess, some call it speculation, was that liquor contributed to the strength of foreign workers who could suddenly overturn police vehicles which were many times their weight.

Minister Lui must dispute the claims of this Foreign Trash named Anton Casey. With Lui’s gift of an acute sense of smell, he should do commuters a favour and confirm that there is no stench of our public transport to be washed off upon reaching home.

Lui should not worry that by taking a position on this issue, he will risk a loss of support. If he doesn’t, he may soon be accused of sitting on the fence by opposition members.

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