20140124 Why critics of PAP critics should cease being propaganda parrots

Like most Singaporeans, I used to support the PAP during the pre internet days. To be fair, life was good. But we were also ignorant of facts as information was monopolised by what many netizens call the “Shitty Times”.

Times have changed and so has the government – but for the worse. I do not see a bright future for my 3 teenage children and they will pay dearly for my silence. The PAP has continued to delude itself by using the mainstream media to paint a picture of an efficient government, when frequently the reverse holds true. What does it say about a government that did not even plan for our basic needs of housing, health care, transportation, etc?

Those who continue to blindly support the PAP, let’s call them propaganda parrots (PP), will repeat verbatim from our mainstream media. My answers to such propaganda:

PP: Criticising the government is being anti government.
Ans: We are anti PAP policies and that is not being anti government. If opposition parties form the government and implement anti Singaporean policies, we will also be very critical. Constructive criticisms improve our system. When there is no truthful and factual feedback, bad policies get implemented. As you can see, the negative effects are being felt by the majority of ordinary Singaporeans.

PP: Our government has foresight.
Ans: If it did, the lack of hospital beds would not have become a big issue today. In 2012, Leong Sze Hian highlighted the number of hospital beds had actually decreased from 11,936 in 2001 to 11,394 in 2011. During this period, the population increased by 1.1 million. link In 2013, after the population had increased by another 160,000 link, the government announced that a total of 6 hospitals will be built between 5 and 17 years time. Citizens were told by the mainstream media that Health Minister Gan, an engineer by training, prefers to be “earlier rather than later”. link
Fact – the government was already years behind in planning and the MSM was again misleading the public. The acute shortage of hospital beds, caused by poor planning, resulted in Changi Hospital resorting to keeping its patients in tents. link

Will our hospital become like this one day?

Credit: http://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/set-of-tents-vector-575411

PP: No big deal as poor planning only affects health care. Across the causeway is cheap and good anyway.
Ans: Wrong. Haphazard planning also extends to public housing. From 2006 to 2010, the HDB built a total of 30,069 units. HDB report pg 3 During the same period, new citizens number slightly less then 100,000, new PRs almost hit 300,000 and annual marriages averaged 24,000. Simple math question – are 30,069 public housing units sufficient for more than 100,000 young married couples? No wonder housing prices skyrocketed. So it really stretches the imagination to claim there was any planning by the HDB.

PP: But the government provides concessions and grants.
Ans: That’s not true. Transport concessions are cross subsidised by the majority of commuters after a fare hike is implemented. As for housing grants, the government really had no choice but to even offer grants to the middle income. The government single handedly caused property prices to double within 10 years through poor planning despite having all the relevant data and population projection figures. Our recent government has never been generous and makes people pay for everything ie. COEs, ERP, maid levies, GST in necessities, etc.

PP: The government is open and listens to our problems.
Ans: If the government has been listening, then you must be implying the people caused all the current problems. It is a fact that the PAP government does not tolerate dissent and the civil service and PAP MP are 99 per cent yes-men. Case in point – it is still trying to control social and online media. Even civil servants know the government is not open and fear to speak up because the likelihood of losing their rice bowl is high.

PP: The government has ceased to use fear as a tool for control.
Ans: Remember the courageous Jurong West Secondary School VP who raised the elephant in the room question? http://therealsingapore.com/content/jwss-vice-principal-deserves-promotion-elephant-room-question Everybody knows our leaders and top officers do not walk the talk when it comes to schooling for their kids. If fear was absent, why among thousands in the MOE, did only ONE lady speak up? From conversations with many friends and relatives, most reminded me to be careful and that I will be “marked” for being vocal.

PP: We should not bite the hand that feed us.
Ans: Unless the PAP is giving your family money every month to bum around, your statement makes no sense. Politicians beg the people at elections to appoint them as servants of the people. They are merely discharging this responsibility and not feeding us. Most Singaporeans, like myself, have to work our butts off. We do not receive any regular income from the PAP government. Nobody opened doors for us, we don’t sit on the boards of GLCs or get parachuted into political office like the child of Punggol.

To be continued…

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