20140123 Anton Casey’s ‘smelly public transportation’ comment – will the government take action?

I refer to article “British expat Anton Casey’s posts ‘deeply offensive’: Shanmugam” on Yahoo Singapore. link

Law Minister K Shanmugam said on his Facebook page that “like many Singaporeans, he was terribly upset and offended by Casey’s posts”.

British expat Anton Casey had earlier posted on his Facebook saying “once I have washed the stench of public transport off me FFS”. This was intentional and calculated to provoke a public response.

Transport Minister Lui should also have been personally offended and investigate how the “stench” came about. Not too long after the Little India riot, Lui’s “smelling of the environment” did confirm the presence of alcohol. link Definition of ‘stench’ – ‘foul odor’, ‘stink’, etc.

Although Shanmugam has said he was terribly upset “like many Singaporeans”, it remains to be seen if he did really feel like most Singaporeans ie. revoke Casey’s PR and send him packing. Anton Casey’s comments in any other country would have invited a deportation letter from the immigration authorities.

Being wealthy, Casey even had his lawyer removed his public Facebook posting from online media. If Anton Casey was any ordinary foreign worker, he would be in his home country by now.

Given our government’s record, it is unlikely for Casey to be deported. A slap on the wrist or most likely some ‘wayanging’, like months of investigation and silly excuses. Hopefully the public will move on to another less stinking issue concerning, again, public transportation, like breakdowns.

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