20140122 MOE awarded almost one billion tax dollars in foreign student grants since 2010

I refer to the recent revelation in Parliament that the PAP government has been awarding $210,000,000 in annual tuition grants to foreign students since 2010. link (4 years X $210 million=$840 million)

A big thank you to the WP (MP Png Eng Huat) for asking the right questions. Similar questions to help reduce the opacity in our government are hardly raised by PAP MPs in Parliament.

MP Png’s third question was “what is the number of international students who default on their agreement to work for Singapore-based companies for three years upon their graduation”. MOE’s ‘half reply’: “Actions will be taken against those who default on their obligations.” MP Png should compel the MOE to provide a figure or such response will make a mockery of Parliament.

To date, the government has not taken any action against foreign students who have defaulted on their obligations. If the government indeed has taken action, it should also the reveal the details to the public. Frequently, when a foreign student leaves Singapore, he/she becomes uncontactable.

I spoke with a taxi driver who took to driving only 3 years ago. He was an IT professional for 2 decades. There are MANY similar under-/unemployed Singaporeans in different industries due to this mindless anti-Singaporean policy of providing grants to foreign students.

It is misleading to claim that foreign students contribute to our economy after graduation when a local graduate would have done likewise. After having spent an average of at least $100,000 per child on education, the government deprives 1,700 Singaporean applicants of a chance to our Polytechnics and 2,200 to our universities. To add insult to injury, foreign graduates eventually take away jobs which many qualified Singaporeans could perform.

Opposition MPs must continue to hold the government accountable to anti-Singaporean policies. Not forgetting that their ‘half replies’ in Parliament must also not be accepted.

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