20140118 Predictable that SMOS Josephine Teo will lambast opposition MPs

Dear SMOS Josephine Teo Li Min

Predictably, you lambasted the WP on your FB link for supporting the public transport concession schemes with a delay in fare hikes. link

Like a few other PAP MPs, you try too hard to be in PAP’s good books. When the opposition takes a stand, the numerically superior PAP will execute its ‘carpet bombing’ with the help of the MSM. When their views are not divergent, they are called fence sitters. Do you really think Singaporeans are stupid?

The WP has spoken for the majority of ordinary Singaporeans but you appear to be totally in the dark on public transportation issues. What qualified you to become an SMOS at the Ministry of Transport when you know nuts about the needs and expectations of commuters?

You said that “More buses, more drivers, more trips on the road, more depots and interchanges, more maintenance, more equipment. In WP’s world, these things can all be achieved without more effort and resources.”

Fact – the PAP government should have put in all the effort and resources BEFORE increasing the population. Instead, it went ahead and ignored all these predictable issues. These problems were single handedly caused by your party as it controls all state resources. And our Parliament. Blame the PAP for upside down planning.

Any fare increase must be opposed because SMRT and SBS Transit collectively made $1.6 BILLION in net profits from 2001 to 2010! http://singaporeelection.blogspot.sg/2011/07/profits-of-mrt-and-sbs-over-years.html These profits were distributed to shareholders, the major beneficiary being Temasek Holdings. Since both PTOs have emptied their kitty, the government had to provide them with a $1.1 BILLION handout, compliments of taxpayers, last year to help run their business. Again, you conveniently ignore this fact. Is this fair to commuters?

“One million plus commuters stand to benefit – and many have said they appreciate it.” Let me just ask you who in their right mind will refuse free money? Will you not be appreciative if your million dollar salary is increased? The money does not come from the PAP but the other 4 million plus commuters who seem non existent to you. Talk to the other 4 million plus commuters and you will know they condemn the fare hike. link to satire

As an MP, you should have understood the issues faced by ordinary citizens. But some say you are ‘blur as a sotong’ because you don’t walk the talk and are therefore unable/refuse to understand our issues. Should you insist on continuing down the same path, an increasing number of ordinary Singaporeans will start losing respect for you and label all that you say as ‘talk cock, sing song’. This is clearly not in Singapore’s interest.

Don’t ever forget your salary is paid by us and not the PTOs.

Phillip Ang

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