20140102 Drivers pay the price for ‘government shut down’

From: pipakh
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 11:48 PM
To: PM LEE ; <a title=”Nedumaran_RAMASAMY
Cc: AGO ; <a title=”amy_khor ; BTMAH ; <a title=”charles_chongyf ; CHEN SHOW MAO ; <a title=”choonhock ; CIVIL SERVICE HEAD ; <a title=”newseditor ; CUE ; <a title=”davidong ; DPM TEO ; <a title=”edwin.tong ; EM SERVICES ; <a title=”gan_thiam_poh ; GEORGE ; <a title=”gerald.giam ; HDB CEO ; <a title=”CHAIRMAN ; HENG ; <a title=”inderjit ; ISWARAN ; <a title=”ivy_foo ; J J ; <a title=”jayakumar89 ; KATHERINE ; <a title=”khawbw ; LAY CHER ; <a title=”MND_benny_lim ; MP JANIL PUTHUCHEARY ; <a title=”zainal_sapari ; NICOLE ; <a title=”ngys ; PA_QSM ; PNG ENG HUAT ; <a title=”pritam.singh ; PSD ; <a title=”muihoong ; SPH GAO ; <a title=”hanfk ; SPH RCHANG ; <a title=”stnewsdesk ; STANLEY ; <a title=”news ; YAHOO
Subject: 20140102 Drivers pay the price for ‘government shut down’

(‘Government’ includes our politicised grassroots organisations, civil service and government agencies. LTA should provide the necessary assistance on this issue.)

Dear PM Lee

I have highlighted numerous instances of blatant incompetence and irresponsibility. Although some have been noted, I do not believe the government has really understood my feedback.

Below is another instance.

Entrance from Pasir Ris Drive 3.

Road about 300 metre long with numerous concrete road dividers. There are usually 2 marker posts at both ends with reflector discs.

The first marker post signals trouble ahead and was also the site of a minor accident.


As is evident, all the marker posts have been hit by vehicles. Many marker posts have also disappeared.

It is indeed strange that no one seems to have noticed.

Even with marker posts, accidents are unavoidable. The turning radius clearly did not take into account heavy vehicles such as the daily garbage truck and lorries (renovation and upgrading).

The worst damage occurs when vehicles are turning right from the public car park beside the C C.

During the day, it is already challenging.

But during the night, “I don’t know what to say”.

About a year ago, I witnessed an accident – the vehicle came to a rest on top of this road divider. For about 12 months, I have been hoping RC/grassroots members would make a call to the slumbering relevant authorities. It is unlikely such a simple feedback will be provided for the benefit of residents/visitors. So much for our “kampong spirit”.


The LTA should be roped in to assist the relevant authorities (?).
If those in charge insist on leaving a problem to fester, the government should not retain them.
Remove the sources of incompetence.


For years, town council property officers did not pass by this area/simply indifferent.
For years, HDB officers also did not pass by this area/simply indifferent.
For years, grassroots members did pass by this area on a daily basis as they would need to cross this road to Elias Mall for grocery shopping/dining. Likewise for RC members who drive. But they are equally indifferent.

Many vehicles have already been unnecessarily damaged. The relevant authorities and grassroots members should cease slumbering.

Thank you.

Happy New Year.


Phillip Ang


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