NMP Calvin Cheng a clueless attention seeker, many say stupid

Ex NMP Calvin Cheng has again been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. He has proven to be incapable of understanding simple issues and masks his ignorance by saying really stupid things.

Not long ago, Calvin had failed to understand Alex Au’s article, took it totally out of context and called him a “repugnant blogger”. link In the present issue pertaining to the exploitation of foreign workers, his suggestion for Singaporeans to become sewer builders proves he might have failed Comprehension in school.

Calvin, was actually still a YPAP member AFTER he became an NMP. http://www.sgpolitics.net/?p=3402 Of course he has provided silly excuses for his ‘mistake’ but netizens view this as an issue of integrity. But Calvin remains a PAP MP aspirant though unlikely to ever become one.

The PAP has been scraping the barrel and managed to produce MPs like Tin Pei Ling. Why not Calvin who has some experience in Parliament? What does it say about the PAP’s view of Calvin as compared to Ms Tin?

Perhaps Calvin may wish to consider assisting Ms Tin on her tampon picking rounds and show his passion to serve. Learn a thing or two from a real MP.

The PAP MP aspirant is desperately trying to get into PAP good books – the objective of his FB posts is simply to take the heat off PAP’s failures and distract netizens from the real issues.

Netizens should not pay any attention to any of his silly and immature posts on social media. The ex NMP is just a clueless attention seeker, many say stupid.

Phillip Ang

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