MP Sapari not in the loop despite my feedback copied to town council Fw: Fwd: 20121125 Disrespect towards Singapore flag must cease

From: Zainal Sapari
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 3:22 PM
To: pipakh
Subject: Fwd: 20121125 Disrespect towards Singapore flag must cease

Dear Mr Ang,
The block concerned is under my constituency. I am sorry to hear that there was no follow up action. I did not receive your original email. Perhaps, you can share the specific issue and forward the photo to me.

Zainal Sapari MP

Pasir Ris East Constituency

From: phillip ang []
Sent: Sunday, 25 November, 2012 17:38
Cc: AGO Email (AGO); bga336; bokkoh; CHARLES CHONG; showmao.chen; choonhock; MOF Peter ONG (MOF); MHA Chee Hean TEO (MHA); MOF Tharman SHANMUGARATNAM (MOF); edwin.tong; faisal; gerald.giam; MEWR Grace FU (MEWR); HDBCEO (HDB); inderjit; Chin Wee QUEK (NEA); Lawrence FONG (PUB); jaya kumar; jjauto; ken_dxb; MND Boon Wan KHAW (MND); lchertan; PMO Kuan Yew LEE (PMO); MND Yi Shyan LEE (MND); MOT Tuck Yew LUI (MOT); LOW THIA KIANG; Hock Yong CHEW (LTA); LTA CHAIRMAN; Huey Mien CHEE (LTA); Cheng Chwee YAP (LTA); Mohamad Maliki OSMAN (MND); MHA Masagos ZULKIFLI (MHA); MEWR Choi Shing Kwok (MEWR); MICHAEL PALMER; MND Benny LIM (MND); Kin Keong PANG (MOT); MP MICHAEL PALMER; Andrew TAN (NEA); NEA CHAIRWOMAN; news; newseditor; ngys; nicole.rebecca.seah; ongqyqy; Pasir Ris Office; PNG ENG HUAT; pritam.singh; PSD PS21 (PSD); PUB Men Leong CHEW (PUB); PUB Gee Paw TAN (PUB); Ying-I YONG (PSD); RAVI; ST CHINLIAN; ST JONKWOK; ST NEWS; stlocal; STANLEY; sylvia; TC GM EAST COAST; TC GM MOULMEIN KALLANG; TC GM PRP; TC GM TAMPINES; TOC; TRE; MEWR Vivian BALAKRISHNAN (MEWR); yahoo; zblocal
Subject: 20121125 Disrespect towards Singapore flag must cease

Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew

As the founding father of SIngapore, I have this piece of bad news for you – our Singapore flag is no longer respected by PAP ‘grassroots’, civil servants and most Singaporeans.

2 The government has been informed through my feedback to PM Lee, copied to ministers, MPs,
perm secs and friends.

3 Despite this issue having been highlighted twice, (20 Nov and 21 Oct) nobody has been able to resolve this simple issue.

Block 110 Pasir Ris Drive 1.

(Photo taken 24 Nov)


It is quite an embarassment to have an RC Chairman, grassroots members, the HDB and my Town Council totally ‘bochap’ – for 5 months.

It now appears acceptable to treat our flag with blatant disrespect, a perception which needs to be corrected. (other examples seen in feedback dated 21 Oct)

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang


I know it is quite a ridiculous situation to be highlighting this issue to you but I have exhausted all avenues.

(That the flag was taken down almost immediately after my email confirms a huge number of people slumbering.)


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