20130609 MDA licensing scheme

From: phillip ang
Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2013 3:33 PM
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Subject: 20130609 MDA licensing scheme

Dear Minister Yaacob Ibrahim

With reference to the video in the link below (at 1 min 30 sec) you said “….what we want to do here is to protect the interests of ordinary Singaporeans….make sure they read the right thing”.

Please be informed that I am an ordinary Singaporean and let me tell you frankly, it’s about time “we” cease deciding what are the interests of Singaporeans without prior consultation with all stakeholders.
It is actually quite insulting to insist that adult Singaporeans are all incapable of comprehension except for those in the government.
Perhaps Minister Ibrahim is insinuating that our education has been an epic failure?

Who then decides on what constitutes “ not misleading” or assessments which are “well-intentioned”?
Is the MICA/MDA publishing its own dictionary?

It is unbelievable that Minister Ibrahim wanted to ensure that the “right thing” is read!

In using New Zealand as an example to justify MDA’s licensing scheme, MICA’s arguments appear to be resting on quicksand.
I would suggest you read the article again in the link below. There are fundamental differences between our systems which do not allow any comparison to be made i.e. transparency, independence etc.

The differences have also been highlighted in a well written TOC article @ http://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2013/06/dr-yaacobs-incorrect-and-embarrassing-new-zealand-comparison/
Dr Yaacob’s incorrect and embarrassing New Zealand comparison
Posted date: June 05, 2013 In: Choo Zheng Xi, Current Affairs, Main story

Another interesting online article @ http://spuddings.net/2013/06/04/mdas-licensing-scheme-so-many-questions-no-real-answers/
MDA’s licensing scheme: So many questions, no real answers

As recent as 15 years ago, policy changes could have been rammed through with very few questions asked. In the age of Windows 7/8, MICA appears in urgent need to upgrade its Windows 98 OS.

This is not an isolated case as it comes on the heels of the Population White Paper and MAS recent restrictions on private car loan. Please think through, work out all details and most importantly consult all stakeholders.

Information is just a click away and there’s really no way to control its access.

The MDA licensing scheme is one step closer to replacing Singapore with Eritrea’s 179th Press Freedom Index ranking.

Please consult the public and conduct a review.

Thank you.


An Ordinary Singaporean


The above is not just a personal opinion but mostly shared by everyone I have spoken to.

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