20131220 Voucher for needy Singaporeans – only a bigger idiot will vote for an idiot

(Dr Koh told MyPaper in an interview last week: “It’s not logical, even an idiot wouldn’t say that. So it was partly my fault.”)

Dear Dr Koh Poh Koon

I read in the papers that you are launching a voucher programme for needy residents in Punggol East. link It surprises many that you are contributing more than the elected MP but so long as all the financial contributions come from your bank account, you will be supported.

By saying that “I want to do something meaningful for them”, I take it that you don’t mean only the physical act of distributing vouchers because this could be done by any Ahmad, Arumugam or Ah Kow.

It was also mentioned in the article that you have already given 25 needy families vouchers and will be doing likewise for 142 more families who have fallen on hard times. For an aspiring MP, you are generous beyond words.

You have also helped expand the capacity of a PAP Community Foundation centre for pre-schoolers. PCF kindergartens are funded by taxpayers, though reflected otherwise in its name, and I find it strange you have been accorded the authority of the elected MP. Many have raised the issue of renaming PAP kindergartens as it is clearly not right to politicise education. Should you ever become an MP, do remember this issue.

In another article by Tessa Wong in MyPaper, link you did not seem to mind people calling you an “asshole doctor” or being associated with tonnes of toilet humour. I have much respect for you after reading this. One of my relatives happens to be your patient and she thinks highly of you, but only as an “asshole” professional. Being so candid and upfront, it is hard to imagine you as a PAP member.

To be brutally frank, many Singaporeans still do not believe you are sincere in helping Singaporeans. Why would you want to be on the PAP ticket knowing that you will be eventually be party whipped into a non-dissenting mode? You have already witnessed seasoned MPs kowtowing to the few leaders who did not even consult them on the population white paper. As a newbie MP, your voice is not expected to be louder than a squeak.

The change which Singaporeans have been expecting are not the tweaks which have been implemented by your party. Your party still seeks to control citizens and has attempted to muzzle the voices of concerned citizens. The outcome so far has been the Breakfast Network closing down its “kitchen”, link an appointment with the judge given to prominent blogger Alex Au on 24 February link, contempt of court charges against cartoonist Leslie Chew dropped after he was cornered into making an apology, etc. Without the freedom of speech, do you really expect our voices to be heard?

If you sincerely want to understand issues on the ground, I would recommend you read some of the articles from these 2 blogs @ http://yawningbread.wordpress.com and http://singaporearmchaircritic.wordpress.com

You also said that being parachuted in the last minute was a significant factor contributing to your loss. By becoming a party member only three weeks before the election, it also confirms you had zero interest in politics. Having no interest in serving the people, what then is your real motive to continue into the next election?

An “asshole doctor” like you should be equipped with sufficient IQ to understand meaningful changes have never been effected by your party. In fact, our lives are increasingly worse off.

The more educated voters in Punggol East were able to see through superficial labels; proclaiming yourself as the “Son of Punggol” has been disastrous PR at best. If the PAP really believes Singaporeans are really daft, will it label Goh Chok Tong as the “Son of Pasir Panjang” since he grew up there in a pre-war house for the next election?

The same strategy could also be applied by labeling Chan Chun Sing the “Son of a machine operator” link, Zainal Sapari the “Son of a road sweeper, security guard and waste collector” link etc. Labels do not connect you to the people. We are only convinced when you walk the talk.

Over time, power and money corrupts the soul. The amount Goh Chok Tong would have considered a fortune during his formative years is now probably peanuts to him. Although Chan Chun Sing came from a humble background, has he not become cocky and has even supported the control of online discussions? link

The very people who may have good intentions before joining the PAP ended up being changed by the system. The more schemes the NTUC comes up with to assist low wage contract workers, the more they get squeezed. Hasn’t MP Zainal Sapari been ‘helping’ them as the director of NTUC’s Unit for Contract and Casual Workers? link

Meaningful changes cannot be effected from within the PAP. Do consider the impossible ie. joining the opposition because it is unlikely for educated Punggol East voters to vote for an “idiot”.


Son of my father and mother

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