20131208 PAP Resolution 2013 resolves to do the obvious

I refer to CNA article “PAP adopts 8-point resolution to build better nation for all”. link

PAP’s theme “Our New Way Forward, A Call to Action” emphasises that “it will govern the country with integrity and never tolerate corruption”. Didn’t the PAP already “made stamping out graft a major tenet of its party platform” 60 years ago?

“Under the resolution, party members will dedicate themselves to serving the nation and advancing the well-being and interests of Singaporeans”. So what and who have party members been serving besides being self-serving during the past 5 decades? Were they serving ants in the grass and bugs in the roots? Perhaps they have been serving the interests of foreigners by awarding millions in scholarships and now feel bad about having discriminated against Singaporeans. Or they have now come to realise it is wrong to abuse public housing by allowing 45,000 units to be rented out to foreigners in the open market while those who need them waited months/years to hear from the HDB. Worse, many don’t even qualify.

The PAP seems to be mocking itself when its members must be told they need to dedicate themselves to serve! It’s like telling a bus driver his job scope is to drive a bus.

On resolving to “uphold an open and meritocratic system”, it appears to be only lip service. Can an “open” system be one which only a handful of politicians know the exact amount of a country’s reserves and where they are invested? What about the publication of (embarrassing?) statistics which continue to be non existent? How many millions in profits has Medishield earned for its insurers?

The PAP also resolves “to build a fair and just society”? Is ours a “just society” when innocent citizens have been jailed, their lives and those of loved ones ruined and the government simply prefers to remain silent? And all PAP supporters do is pretend parts of our history is irrelevant, real Singaporeans did not exist? Waging nonviolence

Singapore, under the PAP, has been fair but only to the rich. It has a pro biz system, run by leaders who do not see citizens as fellow human beings but servant workers. Adopting an 8-point resolution, or for that matter an 8000-point resolution will not effect meaningful change in ordinary Singaporeans’ lives because the system is inherently flawed.

The resolution does in no way recognise this flaw but continues to tackle issues from the hardware perspective, throwing taxpayers’ money at solutions being PAP’s favourite. By ‘helping’ Singaporeans, we will soon be told that we need to help ourselves and our cash/bank balances will also be reduced.

I mentioned in an earlier TRS article that ‘cancer’ has afflicted our system and the treatment should be chemotherapy, not aroma therapy as prescribed by the WP. The cancer cells are located in our politicised grassroots and politicised government bodies. Can society recover from ‘ill health’ by simply writing a resolution without the removal of cancerous cells?

In the PAP’s 1988 Agenda for Action, “the government says it wants to involve Singaporeans in building a consensus on the nation’s goals and challenges”. link Fast forward 25 years and what Singaporeans have been experiencing is the exact opposite i.e. PAP government’s non-consultative approach on important issues such as our CPF savings, giving a 9-figure grant to private sector PTOs, allowing foreigners to be housed in public housing, adopting the amended Population White Paper, etc as if Singaporeans are non existent.

In order to really serve Singaporeans, the PAP needs to address the issues of transparency and accountability. Nothing remotely close was even mentioned.

PAP Resolution 2013 has merely stated the obvious and is only concerned with projecting an imaginary image.

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