Run-of-the-mill ex-NMP Calvin Cheng was partisan

Ex NMP Calvin Cheng Facebook comments on Alex Au’s blog article has really put him to shame. Calvin took the article totally out of context and also resorted to name calling (“repugnant blogger”).

I actually found the article pretty easy to understand and suspect Calvin had his own agenda.

Calvin Cheng Joined the Youth Wing of the PAP in 2006. There is nothing wrong with being a member of any political party. Except that when Calvin was already selected as an NMP, he was still a member of the YPAP.

An NMP is supposed to be non-partisan. Unfortunately, his integrity was already questionable then. Calvin tried to wriggle out of an inconvenient situation by saying that he “signed up out of curiosity. Due to many reasons, I never returned.”

So politics to him was just to satisfy his curiosity? No one bought his story. The Today newspaper not only exposed Calvin but also the NMP selection system where the Select Committee had failed to conduct any background checks on applicants. So we all now know that they can ‘suka suka’ appoint anyone who is politically affiliated and biased.

Calvin revealed his true colour in a parliamentary speech Parliament is not an Opposition MP incubator. While taking more than a swipe at the opposition in calling for the NCMP scheme to be scrapped, he also sucked up to the PAP by saying that he “applaud the ruling party on their incredible generosity in allowing their vanquished opponents a back-door into Parliament.” There are many instances of his sucking up in his speech.

Calvin was less than a run of the mill NMP. He seemed to be interested in the role of an MP but unfortunately does not have the quality or connections to become one. At least Tin Pei Ling is now aware that she is not alone.

Since back doors were opened for MP Tin, perhaps the same could be done for him in future. While she is picking up tampons for publicity, Calvin could try looking for something else to pick up. (take note that diapers already choped by MP Baey)

Stan Paul

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