20131123 Politicised TCMR ignores estate management issues, even SCDF afraid to comment

The result of the latest Town Council Management Report (TCMR) was expected. This time round, the MND was careful to avoid mis-AIMing.

In its latest report, changed from half yearly to a yearly one, the WP’s Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC, sounds like Ah Pek) was singled out to receive the RED carpet in S&CC Arrears Management. FY2012 TCMR

Let’s look at the facts:

Fact 1 – Two TCMRs (3rd Report, 2nd Report) preceding PAP’s loss of Aljunied GRC to the opposition confirms then-Aljuneid’s excellent Level 1 rating.

Fact 2 – Strangely, after Aljunied GRC fell to WP and the TC was combined with Hougang, it was given the lowest rating in the subsequent 4th TCMR. link However, the number of voters in Hougang (red card) is only 15 % of Aljunied’s (green card). Assuming the PAP somehow wins over Hougang and combines with Ang Mo Kio GRC, will Hougang be allowed to bring down PM Lee’s A1 Town Council rating to an F9?

No. of voters % of voters
Aljunied 143148 72.3
Hougang 21951 11.1
Punggol 31659 16.1
Total 196758 100

Fact 3 – In the 4th TCMR, Pasir Ris-Punggol had also been given a green rating under the PAP’s Pasir Ris-Punggol TC. When Punggol East was lost to the WP and combined with Aljunied-Hougang TC (further reducing the percentage of Hougang voters), the latest TCMR ‘failed’ the WP in S&CC management. Conclusion – either Punggol-East must have been most poorly managed while under the PAP’s Pasir Ris Punggol TC or the TCMR is a political tool to trip the opposition as rightly perceived by most Singaporeans.

Accountability/transparency issues need to be addressed

The TCMR is a huge smokescreen funded by HDB residents and taxpayers and glosses over the issue of accountability and transparency. The TCMR was implemented by the MND in 2009 without the approval of HDB residents. Private estate managers do not need any report/indicators to grade their management. Should the standard of any private estate manager be found wanting, it is replaced soonest possible. They are not perpetually given chances with grades/indicators to shape up or ship. They are not sitting for any PSLE exams.

Unlike our town councils, they are accountable to their residents and not to any political party.

Every HDB block inspected by HDB officers in TCMR?

In MND’s press release in 2009, link it stated that “HDB inspections will cover all HDB blocks island-wide every year” for the TCMR. Anyone without perfect eyesight can see that void deck inspections (derelict/abandoned bicycles) have been non-existent, corridors are perpetually cluttered, there are no facade inspections, issuing notices are just to show some work done, etc. Conducting inspections with public resources has been a waste of taxpayers’ money.

One example would be Block 195 in Kim Keat where corridors have been turned to personal laundry areas. If being visible from the PIE for years is not blatant enough, then “I dont know what to say”.

Minister Yaacob Ibrahim’s Kallang Moulmein TC not doing the right thing

The 3 blocks fronting Beach Road are screaming for the HDB’s attention. Again, visible from the main road, all corridors have been turned into personal laundry space. This is estate mismanagement under the GRC helmed by none other than Minister Yaacob Ibrahim. It is useless to provide feedback to the government. Besides thanking me for highlighting the issue of potential fire hazard, nothing has been heard from Moulmein-Kallang TC (MKTC). email to Moulmein-Kallang TC Subsequent visits have confirmed the MKTC has preferred to sleep on estate management.

The latest TCMR gave Moulmein-Kallang TC the highest rating for its estate mismanagement. And we are expected to believe the TCMR is not politically-motivated?

Even the SCDF also afraid to comment on TCs

Since zero action had been taken by MKTC, I decided to try a different approach by writing to the SCDF. I had assumed wrongly that the SCDF would look at this issue impartially. email copied to SCDF I have yet to receive a reply nor do I expect any.


The above are blatant instances confirming the TCMR is politically motivated. Don’t take my word for it but look around your estate and general issues which concern HDB residents; whether they have been resolved or left to fester, such as dripping laundry, littering, cluttered corridors, noise from units with a large number of foreigners (above HDB limit) etc. The TCMR does not really benefit heartlanders. Instead, it has become a useful tool for the politicians living in District 9/10 to fix the opposition.

Phillip Ang

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