20131114 To PAP MP Indranee Rajah


On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 5:34 PM, <pipakh> wrote:

Dear MP Indranee Rajah

I have read your Facebook posting on the hijab issue. link

You made a very weak attempt to politicise this issue by giving your expected negative take on the NSP and WP.

WP says: “WP believes that a workable consensus is best achieved through public dialogue within the Muslim community, among our communities, and with the government elected by the people.” http://wp.sg/2013/11/current-hijab-discussion-should-not-be-politicised-dialogue-with-uniformed-professions-urged/
The PAP has similarly called for a “constructive dialogue”.

The PAP’s and WP’s proposals are rather similar so shouldn’t ST headlines read “WP and PAP straddling fence on hijab issue: Indranee”.

When your said the 2 opposition parties presented the issue as a “simple, straightforward matter, with no trade-offs or downsides”, no sane reader believes you. Only a minister like Lim Swee Say is capable of presenting issues in the said manner. What is your objective of saying the NSP “at least, have stated their stand.”? Have you been appointed the judge on political parties?

The hijab issue has already been brought up since years ago. https://www.facebook.com/mariam.bintealias#_=_ Many other races, including myself, a Chinese, do not see this issue as one which will cause racial disharmony. If it did, our Parliament would have been turned upside down after Halimah Yacob became Speaker on 14 January 2013. Maybe not just in Parliament but everywhere she goes because she is never seen without a hijab. (Google her name under images)

When you said “If it were that easy, we would have been able to solve it long ago,..”, you appear to be bragging on behalf of the PAP. Maybe to score points for yourself but be careful because sometimes when nonsense is taken to a stratospheric level, you will score your own goal.

There are many simple issues which the PAP was supposed to have resolved long ago but..

Simple Maths issue – From 2006 to 2010, the PAP government constructed 30,069 HDB flats. link The number of marriages averaged 23,000 every year since 1990. (chart below) Chances are every married couple would want to apply for a flat. Instead of constructing close to 100,000 units, the PAP government constructed about 70,000 units short. Is this not a simple problem which could not be solved?
Marriage statistics from 1990 to 2012

Within the same period, your party let in about 290,000 new PRs and approved 90,000 new citizenships. Again simple Maths – 290,000 plus 90,000 equals 380,000, half this number are potential real estate buyers.
Even if private properties were included, the supply was still way off the mark!

If this was a simple issue which could be easily understood, why didn’t the PAP solve it?

A simpler issue – our rail network was designed for a population of 4 million which was breached in 2000. Simple numbers easily understood by any Ah Kow, Arumugam or Ahmad but not the PAP.

So, knowing there would be serious repercussions of an overused rail network, did the PAP solve this long ago? Or did it wait for the obvious to finally happen in 2011 i.e. repeated SMRT breakdowns inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of commuters?

Many issues are actually simple and easy to resolve but because there is no accountability in a dominant party, all non-PAP views are rejected.

The typical approach is for politicians to keep repeating the same views, with the help of mainstream media, in the hope that carpet-bombing alternative views will do the trick. This is not the right approach.

The PAP never ceases to amaze Singaporeans with their belief that Singaporeans’ intelligence has remained at 1970’s level. Unbelievable for a person of Indranee’s intelligence for her to compare Singapore’s situation with Turkey. Anyone could simply Google ‘Turkey’ and see the vast difference between our countries.

(In February this year, MOS Lee Yi Shyan had even cherry picked a former mining town (present population of 10,500 and 5,800 households) with Singapore to support his pro-immigration argument. The only similarity – our land size! http://therealsingapore.com/content/lee-yi-shyan-and-his-misleading-yubari-example

Foot-in-mouth disease? Plain stupidity? Inability to cease insulting Singaporeans/one’s own intellect? Nobody really has the answer.

To get to the root of the issue, speak to the people directly instead of through so called grassroots leaders and politicians whom we know do not represent the people. Or perhaps you have already decided to toe the party’s line for the status quo to remain unchanged?

Phillip Ang

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