20131105 Minister Khaw should not condone fighting

I came across this video of PAP Chairman Khaw Boon Wan giving a speech at the 2011 Awards Presentation Ceremony.

Khaw heaped praises on the father of our once in fifty years ‘tampon’ MP, Tin Pei Lin. Her father was a PAP party activist.

Senior Tin related the story of MP Tin’s grandmother having “got into a fight with a woman” who had allegedly “bad mouthed the PAP and Mr Lee Kuan Yew”. The year was 1960.

Khaw claimed that MP Tin’s grandmother had seen PAP “transformed lives and would not let baseless criticisms go unanswered”. The (violent?) crowd applauded.

(watch video from 2.10 mins)

Khaw was clearly trying to take the public for a ride. Perhaps his PAP supporters were ignorant of history but he should not have assumed all Singaporeans are in the same sampan 2.0.


– The PAP won the election only a year earlier in 1959. So Khaw should perhaps explain how lives were transformed within a year of winning the elections.

– The HDB was only formed in 1960. How did HDB’s planning on paper transform lives? Was Khaw building HDB castles in the air while giving the speech?

Khaw should know that the applause he received was from self serving members who suck up to the party simply because it controls resources which every member has been eyeing.

Khaw’s smugness is reflective of his party which does not tolerate dissent. The PAP does not appear to believe in freedom of speech and has never agreed to disagree.

So the next time a PAP supporter bad mouths opposition parties and their leaders, are we to expect a fight?

Phillip Ang

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