20131002 SGH’s ‘reply’ a slap in the face

From: pipakh
Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2013 10:25 AM
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Subject: 20131002 SGH’s ‘reply’ a slap in the face

Dear Minister Gan

I refer to Ms Tay Soh Hoon’s Forum letter (“One-year wait to see specialist”, 23 Sep) and the reply from Associate Professor Chan Choong Meng of SGH (“Patient’s long wait for appointment: SGH replies”, 27 Sep).

Ms Tay’s complaint was:
– SGH gave her a one year appointment date.
– The original appointment was actually 16 months but reduced after she had pleaded her case.
– The GP at Tampines Polyclinic required her husband “to see a renal specialist as a blood test showed that his condition was worsening”.

Prof Chan of SGH seems not to have understood and her reply was:
– Basically about SGH’s protocol.
– SGH’s problem with regard to manpower shortage.

(Forum editor should not even have published SGH’s ‘reply’ because the issues were not addressed)

A one-year period for a kidney scan is a ridiculously long wait. This will understandably cause stress to the patient and his family. In such a situation, his condition can only worsen further.

The least SGH could do was:
– Determine how serious was the condition of Ms Tay’s husband and reschedule the appointment if need be.

Instead, after listing SGH’s protocol and its internal issues, SGH “thank our patients and their caregivers for their patience and understanding…”.

It’s a slap in the face by a public hospital, telling you that it’s just too bad and to continue waiting a year for the appointment.

SGH is devoid of empathy and sorely needs to improve its communications with the public.


Phillip Ang

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