20131029 I finally found Goh Chok Tong’s Swiss standard of living

(Inderjit Singh: “We can safely say that we have failed to achieve the goal set by the then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, of a Swiss standard of living for most Singaporeans.”)

Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, promised Singaporeans we would achieve a Swiss standard of living. Many have been deeply disappointed (and are now cursing) that we only managed to attain a Swiss cost of living instead.

Perhaps Chok Tong had a memorable vacation in Switzerland but unrealistically wanted to emulate the Swiss without realising that we are actually only a little red dot with less than 50 years of history. Numerical targets were set and the GDP became his narrow yardstick.

At a REDAS speech in 2009, Goh proudly announced that “our achievements surpassed our expectations”. The PAP’s target was to achieve a 1984 Swiss standard of living for Singapore in 1999. Goh seemed ecstatic that the target was achieved in 1994 even though no ordinary Singaporean felt our living standard was remotely close to the Swiss.

My curiosity was piqued by the highest paid SM in the world and I embarked on a journey throughout Singapore to locate Goh’s Swiss standard.

I looked almost everywhere and was glad Goh was not totally wrong. There are Swiss in Singapore enjoying Swiss standard of living at:

The Swiss Embassy …. as well as the Swiss Club

Perhaps Singaporeans living in places prefixed by ‘Swiss’ such as Swiss Club Rd, Swiss Club Link and Swiss Club.

Maybe Goh was confused because we also have schools with the ‘Swiss’ prefix i.e. Swiss Cottage Sec etc. or maybe he loves all objects Swiss.
Such as Swiss army knife… or Swiss watch.

Or perhaps he could have been convinced by the iconic Swissotel in Singapore…

and the variety of Swiss cheese available.

I think what must have finally convinced him is this Swiss cow at the hotel.

Hmm… What could have gotten into Goh’s head that made him so divorced from the reality millions of ordinary citizens to insist the Swiss standard has arrived?
Why does he consider this (below) our Swiss standard of living??

After having searched for years, Goh Chok Tong’s Swiss standard of living is really non existent for the majority of Singaporeans. Should any Singaporean have better luck, I would appreciate if you could share on social media.

Phillip Ang

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