20131024 Are MPs paid to go after HDB sanitary pad throwers?

I hope Asiaone Singapore article “Tin Pei Lin goes after resident who threw sanitary pad” will provide some relief for stressed out Singaporeans.http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/tin-pei-ling-goes-after-resident-who-throws-sanitary-pad

It appears our MPs are really overpaid and “chiak pa kway eng”. (Hokkien – nothing better to do)

After TPL was informed about the “high-rise terror litter” (some RC members are now ‘tampon spotters’ for TPL? Also didn’t know a tampon could terrorise), “she rushed to the scene” (a 911 life and death emergency) accompanied by a RC manager and constituency manager (residents’ and taxpayers’ expense) “and promptly collected the soiled sanitary pads in a bag.” (maybe her fetish?)

Says TPL: “I spoke to residents from the 2nd to the 8th floor, in an attempt to narrow down the possible culprits. We are still in the process of gathering enough evidence, and will continue to pay close attention to the situation,” Ms Tin said (well done Singapore CSI?)

“According to Ms Tin, high-rise littering is actually quite common.” (a slap in the face for our ineffective RCs and NEA on the decades-old high-rise littering issue)

“High-rise litter is very dangerous, and we will work with the Town Council to step up enforcement. If the situation doesn’t improve, NEA will be notified.” (Tampons thrown from height is more dangerous than flower pots? Does TPL intend to set up a Tampon Squad and call in the NEA when it rains tampons?)

The article also revealed another eat-finish-nothing-to-do CSI MP Baey Yam Keng who had searched over 12 floors with a “still warm” diaper in his hand to catch the culprit a week earlier. TPL was probably inspired by CSI Baey.

The government should make National Day celebrations more interesting by introducing the Tampon award for TPL and the Diaper award for CSI Baey instead of the PBM, BBM, etc, awards.

Issues such as the above can easily be resolved by RCs if not for their political affiliation. There are more urgent issues which deserve the attention of our $500 per day MPs. So much for ‘serving’ constituents.

Phillip Ang

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